Applications to Save Battery on Android

Our battery saving applications for Android will help you to reduce the energy consumption of your smartphone or tablet and extend its useful life

Du Battery Saver English

Du Battery Saver

Optimize the battery consumption and extend its life

Download Du Battery Saver
WiFi Saver 3.0 English

WiFi Saver 3.0

Save battery on your smartphone

Download WiFi Saver
2x Battery Battery Saver 3.00 English

2x Battery Battery Saver 3.00

Extend the life of your battery

Download 2x Battery
Super Battery 1.1.2 English

Super Battery 1.1.2

Extend the life of your phone's battery

Download Super Battery
Battery English


Detailed energy level indicator

Download Battery
Auto Pilot Mode 7.55 English

Auto Pilot Mode 7.55

Save battery using the airplane mode

Download Auto Pilot Mode
BatteryLife 1.3.3 English

BatteryLife 1.3.3

Information about our battery status

Download BatteryLife
Wakelock Detector 2.0.1 English

Wakelock Detector 2.0.1

Find out what applications drain your battery

Download Wakelock Detector
Ampere 2.02.3 English

Ampere 2.02.3

Control your battery charge status

Download Ampere
Yellow Battery English

Yellow Battery

An app to manage your battery and save energy

Download Yellow Battery
MTK Engineering Mode 1.2 English

MTK Engineering Mode 1.2

Access the secret menu of your MTK handset

Download MTK Engineering Mode
360 Battery Plus  English

360 Battery Plus

Optimize your battery life

Download 360 Battery Plus
JuiceDefender English


Extend your smartphone's battery life

Download JuiceDefender
Battery HD English

Battery HD

Find out your battery status at any moment

Download Battery HD
Energy Saver 1.1 English

Energy Saver 1.1

The key aspects to save energy

Download Energy Saver
Battery Doctor 5.33 English

Battery Doctor 5.33

The best app to save battery

Download Battery Doctor
Gauge Battery Widget English

Gauge Battery Widget

Analog widget that indicates our phone's battery level

Download Gauge Battery Widget
GO Battery Saver 4.31.1 English

GO Battery Saver 4.31.1

Battery indicator including a widget

Download GO Battery Saver
EaseUS Coolphone 2.0.1 English

EaseUS Coolphone 2.0.1

Cool down your Android's battery

Download EaseUS Coolphone
Repair Battery Life 1.2 English

Repair Battery Life 1.2

Extend the life of your smartphone's battery

Download Repair Battery Life
Plugger 1.1.18 English

Plugger 1.1.18

Find out where to charge your phone

Download Plugger