Casual Games for Android

Kill your spare time with these casual games for Android. The simplest and easiest entertainment for when you want to play without having to think

My Talking Tom English

My Talking Tom

Take care of Tom the Cat ever since he's a baby

Download My Talking Tom
Pou 1.4.74 English

Pou 1.4.74

The most persistent virtual pet for Android

Download Pou
Baseball Boy! 1.4 English

Baseball Boy! 1.4

Throw the ball as far as possible

Download Baseball Boy!
Send Me To Heaven 1.8.1 English

Send Me To Heaven 1.8.1

Beat the Android throwing record

Download Send Me To Heaven
Dunk Line 1.2 English

Dunk Line 1.2

Get the balls into the hoops in a different manner

Download Dunk Line
Helix Jump 1.0.3 English

Helix Jump 1.0.3

Move the helix and help the ball to make way

Download Helix Jump
Stack Jump 1.4.1 English

Stack Jump 1.4.1

Pile up blocks to take your monster to the top

Download Stack Jump
Color by Number: Coloring Book Free - Pixel Art 1.1 English

Color by Number: Coloring Book Free - Pixel Art 1.1

Relax by painting with numbers

Download Color by Number: Coloring Book Free - Pixel Art
My Talking Hank English

My Talking Hank

Look after your puppy Hank

Download My Talking Hank
Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger! 1.1.6 English

Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger! 1.1.6

Endless runner full of cute characters

Download Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger!
Dancing Line 2.1.1 English

Dancing Line 2.1.1

A game based on the rhythem of music

Download Dancing Line
GAMEE - Play 100 free games 1.15.7 English

GAMEE - Play 100 free games 1.15.7

Platform with dozens of online social games for Android

Download GAMEE - Play 100 free games
Knife Hit 1.3.2 English

Knife Hit 1.3.2

Have fun throwing knives

Download Knife Hit
Red Bouncing Ball Spikes 1.0 English

Red Bouncing Ball Spikes 1.0

Control the ball avoiding the sharp spikes you come across

Download Red Bouncing Ball Spikes
Rolling Sky English

Rolling Sky

Roll the ball to dodge all the obstacles in this casual game for Android

Download Rolling Sky
Ski Safari English

Ski Safari

Practice ski in an original and entertaining manner

Download Ski Safari
Rolly Vortex 1.4.5 English

Rolly Vortex 1.4.5

Avoid all the obstacles and go as far as you can

Download Rolly Vortex
LINE PongPongPong 1.0.8 English

LINE PongPongPong 1.0.8

Collection of mini-games featuring cats

Download LINE PongPongPong
Scream Go 2.1 English

Scream Go 2.1

Very retro game that works with your voice

Download Scream Go
PokeEgg 5.0 English

PokeEgg 5.0

Waste your time opening Pokémon eggs

Download PokeEgg
Monguer Space 1.1 English

Monguer Space 1.1

Casual game set in outer space

Download Monguer Space
Dunk Shot 1.1 English

Dunk Shot 1.1

Score baskets with a slingshot effect

Download Dunk Shot
Pop the Lock 1.42 English

Pop the Lock 1.42

Put your reflexes to the test

Download Pop the Lock
Ninja Chicken English

Ninja Chicken

Help the ninja chicken

Download Ninja Chicken
Dumb Ways to Die 1.5 English

Dumb Ways to Die 1.5

Avoid the dumb deaths of the game's characters

Download Dumb Ways to Die
Keeper 1.0 English

Keeper 1.0

Entertaining casual game based on the laws of physics

Download Keeper
Small Fry 1.0.1 English

Small Fry 1.0.1

Travel the seas with this small fish

Download Small Fry
Pyro Jump 1.1.10 English

Pyro Jump 1.1.10

Game of skill and accuracy

Download Pyro Jump
Smash Hit 1.3.3 English

Smash Hit 1.3.3

A strange dimension full of glass to be smashed

Download Smash Hit
100 Ballz 2.2 English

100 Ballz 2.2

Collect the balls in a glass and avoid losing them

Download 100 Ballz
Blek 1.0.2 English

Blek 1.0.2

One of the puzzle games with the best design

Download Blek
Friskies Cat Fishing English

Friskies Cat Fishing

Game to entertain your cat

Download Friskies Cat Fishing
ZigZag 1.2 English

ZigZag 1.2

Prevent the ball from falling

Download ZigZag
Don't Touch The Spikes 1.9.5 English

Don't Touch The Spikes 1.9.5

Don't let the bird touch those spikes

Download Don't Touch The Spikes
Circle Push English

Circle Push

Place each circle on the corresponding color

Download Circle Push
Captain Rocket 1.0.0 English

Captain Rocket 1.0.0

Complete your mission escaping from traps and missiles

Download Captain Rocket
Captain Bob 1.1.0 English

Captain Bob 1.1.0

Explore the universe gathering celestial bodies

Download Captain Bob
The Line Zen 1.0 English

The Line Zen 1.0

Guide the ball through dangerous tunnels

Download The Line Zen
Spider Square 1.1 English

Spider Square 1.1

A square that believes he's a spider

Download Spider Square 1.5.0 English 1.5.0

Casual game for Android inspired by the Nokia snake