Casual Games for Android

Kill your spare time with these casual games for Android. The simplest and easiest entertainment for when you want to play without having to think

My Talking Tom English

My Talking Tom

Take care of Tom the Cat ever since he's a baby

Download My Talking Tom
Pou 1.4.73 English

Pou 1.4.73

The most persistent virtual pet for Android

Download Pou
Send Me To Heaven 1.8.1 English

Send Me To Heaven 1.8.1

Beat the Android throwing record

Download Send Me To Heaven
Snake VS Block 1.11 English

Snake VS Block 1.11

Entertaining casual game for Android to go through blocks with a snake

Download Snake VS Block
GAMEE - Play 100 free games English

GAMEE - Play 100 free games

Platform with dozens of online social games for Android

Download GAMEE - Play 100 free games
Space Frontier 1.1 English

Space Frontier 1.1

Help this rocket to take off correctly

Download Space Frontier
NinJump Dash 1.21 English

NinJump Dash 1.21

Ninjas are also into running

Download NinJump Dash
Little Inferno 1.2.2 English

Little Inferno 1.2.2

A game to add fuel to the fire

Download Little Inferno
Moy 5 1.34 English

Moy 5 1.34

Adopt a tiny Moy

Download Moy
PokeEgg 5.0 English

PokeEgg 5.0

Waste your time opening Pokémon eggs

Download PokeEgg
Milk The Cow 1.2 English

Milk The Cow 1.2

Milk a cow from your phone

Download Milk The Cow
Don't Stop the Creeps 1.2.1 English

Don't Stop the Creeps 1.2.1

Make the objects go through the barriers

Download Don't Stop the Creeps
Crush It 2.1.3 English

Crush It 2.1.3

Game of reflexes

Download Crush It
Rolling Sky English

Rolling Sky

Roll the ball to dodge all the obstacles in this casual game for Android

Download Rolling Sky
Dancing Line English

Dancing Line

A game based on the rhythem of music

Download Dancing Line
Ball Shot - Fling to Basket 1 English

Ball Shot - Fling to Basket 1

Casual game for Android about getting a ball into a basket

Download Ball Shot - Fling to Basket
Stick Hero 1.5 English

Stick Hero 1.5

A very particular platform game

Download Stick Hero 1.2.2 English 1.2.2

Eat as much as you can to gain volume

Download 1.1.0 English 1.1.0

An action game similar to

Catch Up 1.1 English

Catch Up 1.1

Avoid the obstacles and take your ball as far as you can

Download Catch Up
Ninja Spinki Challenges 1.1.2 English

Ninja Spinki Challenges 1.1.2

The ninja game by the creator of Flappy Bird

Download Ninja Spinki Challenges
Ski Safari English

Ski Safari

Practice ski in an original and entertaining manner

Download Ski Safari
Pop the Lock 1.42 English

Pop the Lock 1.42

Put your reflexes to the test

Download Pop the Lock
Osmos HD English

Osmos HD

Absorb your opponents and don't let them absorb you

Download Osmos
Ninja Chicken English

Ninja Chicken

Help the ninja chicken

Download Ninja Chicken
Flappy Bird 1.3 English

Flappy Bird 1.3

Tap your screen to fly

Download Flappy Bird
100 Balls 1.6 English

100 Balls 1.6

The longer you last, the higher your score

Download 100 Balls
Bubble wrap 1.19 English

Bubble wrap 1.19

Burst plastic bubbles non stop

Download Bubble wrap
Tappy Cricket 1.1.7 English

Tappy Cricket 1.1.7

Great remake of Flappy Bird

Download Tappy Cricket
NinJump English


A ninja that wants to go very far

Download NinJump
Peggle Blast 2.8.0 English

Peggle Blast 2.8.0

Fun casual pinball-style game

Download Peggle Blast
Don't Touch The Spikes 1.9.5 English

Don't Touch The Spikes 1.9.5

Don't let the bird touch those spikes

Download Don't Touch The Spikes
Happy Bird Pro 3.1 English

Happy Bird Pro 3.1

The most addictive Flappy Bird clone

Download Happy Bird
Running Circles 1.1.0 English

Running Circles 1.1.0

Move around the circles without getting dizzy

Download Running Circles
Monguer Space 1.1 English

Monguer Space 1.1

Casual game set in outer space

Download Monguer Space
Flip Water Bottle 1.5 English

Flip Water Bottle 1.5

Bottle Flip Challenge for Android

Download Flip Water Bottle
Physics Drop 1.8.1 English

Physics Drop 1.8.1

A humbler version of Brain Dots

Download Physics Drop
Tap Tap Dash 1.817 English

Tap Tap Dash 1.817

Try to advance without stepping out of the path

Download Tap Tap Dash
The Impossible Cave Free 1.31 English

The Impossible Cave Free 1.31

Advance through an impossible cave in this casual game for Android

Download The Impossible Cave Free
Cheating Tom 3 - Genius School 1.0.15 English

Cheating Tom 3 - Genius School 1.0.15

Third part of Cheating Tom

Download Cheating Tom 3 - Genius School