Cleaners and Optimizers for Android

Improve your phone's performance and functioning thanks to these applications to clean and optimize Android. Delete junk files and browsing data

Clean Master English

Clean Master

Cleaner, optimizer and antivirus all in one

Download Clean Master
Speaker Cleaner 1.4 English

Speaker Cleaner 1.4

Make sure your speakers are clean

Download Speaker Cleaner
CCleaner 1.20.82 English

CCleaner 1.20.82

Smartphone version of the most efficient cleaner

Download CCleaner
Clean Master Lite Boost 2.0.8 English

Clean Master Lite Boost 2.0.8

The lightest version of the popular optimizer

Download Clean Master Lite
360 Security Antivirus English

360 Security Antivirus

Maintenance and security for your phone

Download 360 Security Antivirus
Package Disabler 6.3 English

Package Disabler 6.3

Disable bloatware on your Samsung phone

Download Package Disabler
AIDA64 1.46 English

AIDA64 1.46

Get to know your Android in depth

Download AIDA64
Smart RAM Booster English

Smart RAM Booster

Clean the RAM with just one click

Download Smart RAM Booster
NoBloat 1.3.4 English

NoBloat 1.3.4

Remove the apps pre-installed on your Android

Download NoBloat
DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner English

DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner

Improve the performance of your device and protect your privacy

Download DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner
Yellow Booster English

Yellow Booster

Improve and optimize the performance of your phone or tablet

Download Yellow Booster
Root App Delete 7.0.7 English

Root App Delete 7.0.7

Efficient application uninstaller for Android

Download Root App Delete
Advanced Mobile Care English

Advanced Mobile Care

Improve the performance of your Android phone

Download Advanced Mobile Care
GyroDroid 5.3 English

GyroDroid 5.3

Test the different sensors of your Android

Download GyroDroid
Disk Clean Suite 1.0.1 English

Disk Clean Suite 1.0.1

App to optimize your Android's performance

Download Disk Clean Suite
Doctor Clean - Speed Booster 1.0.8 English

Doctor Clean - Speed Booster 1.0.8

Remove junk files and extend your battery life

Download Doctor Clean - Speed Booster
Android Booster English

Android Booster

Improve the performance of your Android

Download Android Booster
Advanced Task Killer 2.0.3B203 English

Advanced Task Killer 2.0.3B203

Instantly kill applications on your Android

Download Advanced Task Killer
Android Assistant 11.0 English

Android Assistant 11.0

Full pack of tools for Android

Download Android Assistant
WCleaner Beta 1.6.3 English

WCleaner Beta 1.6.3

The best way to manage files downloaded on WhatsApp

Download WCleaner
AVG TuneUp 1.1 English

AVG TuneUp 1.1

All your phone's maintenance in a single application

Download AVG TuneUp
Memory Booster English

Memory Booster

Free RAM memory on your Android

Download Memory Booster
Greenify English


Improve the performance of your Android

Download Greenify
Android Cleaner 2.2.0 English

Android Cleaner 2.2.0

Efficient tool to clean our phone

Download Android Cleaner
DU Speed Booster English

DU Speed Booster

Your smartphone 60% faster

Download DU Speed Booster
Vitamins 1.17 English

Vitamins 1.17

Tips and guides for your Samsung

Download Vitamins
The Cleaner 1.5.1 English

The Cleaner 1.5.1

The best way to keep your phone in perfect conditions

Download The Cleaner
RAMIO Speed Booster & Cleaner 1.0.1 English

RAMIO Speed Booster & Cleaner 1.0.1

The best application to optimize your phone

Download RAMIO Speed Booster & Cleaner
SuperB Cleaner 1.3.8 English

SuperB Cleaner 1.3.8

Optimize and improve your Android's performance

Download SuperB Cleaner
SetCPU English


Configure the functions of your rooted Android

Download SetCPU
SD Maid English

SD Maid

An app to thoroughly clean our phone

Download SD Maid
BusyBox 43 English

BusyBox 43

Extra commands and tools for Android

Download BusyBox
Droid Optimizer 1.1.5 English

Droid Optimizer 1.1.5

Optimize how your Android phone works

Download Droid Optimizer
Boost+ English


HTC's app to improve your phone's performance

Download Boost+
Turbo Cleaner 1.4.4 English

Turbo Cleaner 1.4.4

Bring speed back to your Android device

Download Turbo Cleaner
Power Clean English

Power Clean

App to optimize Android

Download Power Clean
GO Speed English

GO Speed

App to optimize the performance of your Android

Download GO Speed
DU Cleaner 1.4.5 English

DU Cleaner 1.4.5

Improve the performance on your Android

Download DU Cleaner
Cooler Master 1.1.0 English

Cooler Master 1.1.0

Cool down your phone's CPU

Download Cooler Master
Mighty Cleaner 1.0.0 English

Mighty Cleaner 1.0.0

Speed up your Android and improve its performance

Download Mighty Cleaner