Keyboards and Emoji Applications for Android

With these keyboard and emoji apps you can get hold of more efficient typing systems and different emoticons and drawings to express yourself better

Bitmoji 10.22.228 English

Bitmoji 10.22.228

Android app to create customized emojis

Download Bitmoji
Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons 1.2 English

Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons 1.2

Send rather different randy emoticons

Download Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons
Minions Emoji 2.3 English

Minions Emoji 2.3

Share stickers based on the Minions

Download Minions Emoji
TouchPal Keyboard - Swype with animated themes English

TouchPal Keyboard - Swype with animated themes

Customize your Android with new keyboards and emoticons

Download TouchPal Keyboard - Swype with animated themes
Sexy Emoji for Kika Keyboard 7.0 English

Sexy Emoji for Kika Keyboard 7.0

Over 1,200 emojis for your keyboard

Download Sexy Emoji for Kika Keyboard
Redraw Keyboard 2.0.1 English

Redraw Keyboard 2.0.1

Hundreds of emojis and a translator built in to your Android keyboard

Download Redraw Keyboard
GO Keyboard English

GO Keyboard

Keyboard that improves writing on Android

Download GO Keyboard
SwiftKey Keyboard English

SwiftKey Keyboard

Smart writing assistant

Download SwiftKey Keyboard
MultiLing Keyboard 1.1.1 English

MultiLing Keyboard 1.1.1

Lightweight keyboard with several languages

Download MultiLing Keyboard
iPhone Keyboard Emoji Keyboard 2.2 English

iPhone Keyboard Emoji Keyboard 2.2

A keyboard for Android with hundreds of emoticons

Download iPhone Keyboard Emoji Keyboard
Cheetah Keyboard English

Cheetah Keyboard

Android keyboard with smart word suggestions

Download Cheetah Keyboard
Google Handwriting Input English

Google Handwriting Input

Handwriting on your Android device

Download Google Handwriting Input
Google Pinyin Input English

Google Pinyin Input

Google's keyboard to write Chinese characters

Download Google Pinyin Input
Keyboard Color English

Keyboard Color

Customize your Android with a color keyboard

Download Keyboard Color
Kika Keyboard - Cool Fonts, Emoji, Emoticon, GIF English

Kika Keyboard - Cool Fonts, Emoji, Emoticon, GIF

Android keyboard app with thousands of emojis and GIFs for WhatsApp

Download Kika Keyboard - Cool Fonts, Emoji, Emoticon, GIF
Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs English

Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs

Express yourself with thousands of emojis, GIFs and stickers

Download Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs
iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons English

iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons

Bring some life to your boring phone keyboard

Download iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons
Swype English


An intelligent keyboard to write faster

Download Swype
Remote Keyboard 1.5 English

Remote Keyboard 1.5

Write on your smartphone with the PC's keyboard

Download Remote Keyboard
Google Keyboard English

Google Keyboard

Change your default keyboard for Google's official version

Download Google Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard 3.0.2 English

Minuum Keyboard 3.0.2

Reduce your Android keyboard to the minimum

Download Minuum Keyboard
Dynamic Keyboard 1.10.1 English

Dynamic Keyboard 1.10.1

A dynamic keyboard that adapts to your needs

Download Dynamic Keyboard
Fleksy English


Predictive keyboard suitable for visually impaired people

Download Fleksy
ThickButtons 0.9.69 English

ThickButtons 0.9.69

A smart keyboard for Android

Download ThickButtons
TypeSmart 2.0.42 English

TypeSmart 2.0.42

A keyboard that learns from your writing

Download TypeSmart
Fancy Texts 2.2 English

Fancy Texts 2.2

Write with your own text font

Download Fancy Texts
IKEA Emoticons 1.0 English

IKEA Emoticons 1.0

IKEA's emoticon pack

Download IKEA Emoticons
SwiftKey Symbols English

SwiftKey Symbols

Non-verbal communication on Android

Download SwiftKey Symbols
Ginger Keyboard 7.9.01 English

Ginger Keyboard 7.9.01

Keyboard with a built-in translator

Download Ginger Keyboard
TouchPal English


Emoji keyboard for Android with over 1000 emoticons

Download TouchPal
Flash Keyboard 1.0.49 English

Flash Keyboard 1.0.49

Fast and customizable keyboard

Download Flash Keyboard
Chrooma Keyboard 3.0.1 English

Chrooma Keyboard 3.0.1

Lightweight customizable keyboard

Download Chrooma Keyboard
Hub Keyboard Preview English

Hub Keyboard Preview

Microsoft's keyboard to improve your productivity

Download Hub Keyboard
Tap Emoji Keyboard 1.0.1044.1221 English

Tap Emoji Keyboard 1.0.1044.1221

Customize your Android keyboard with emojis

Download Tap Emoji Keyboard
Land of Love Animated Keyboard 1.34 English

Land of Love Animated Keyboard 1.34

Android keyboard with loving motifs

Download Land of Love Animated Keyboard
Hi Emoji Keyboard 2.0.1 English

Hi Emoji Keyboard 2.0.1

Over 4,000 emojis for your Android keyboard

Download Hi Emoji Keyboard
Luminous Keyboard English

Luminous Keyboard

Bright keys for your Android keyboard

Download Luminous Keyboard
Colorful Keyboard English

Colorful Keyboard

A joyful keyboard for your phone

Download Colorful Keyboard
Pink Love Keyboard Free English

Pink Love Keyboard Free

A keyboard for lovebirds. Seriously

Download Pink Love Keyboard Free
Christmas Emoticons 2.2 English

Christmas Emoticons 2.2

Apply Christmas emoticons to your written messages

Download Christmas Emoticons