Music Games for Android

From guessing a song correctly to following the rhythm of the music: this selection of music games for Android is perfect for all music lovers

SUPER PADS 2.5.2 English


Game about making music

Videoke King 1.0.9 Beta English

Videoke King 1.0.9 Beta

A portable karaoke for Android

Download Videoke King
Piano Master 3.1.2 English

Piano Master 3.1.2

A piano karaoke

Download Piano Master
VOEZ 1.0.8 English

VOEZ 1.0.8

Music game with anime aesthetics

Download VOEZ
FaceDance Challenge! 1.0.8 English

FaceDance Challenge! 1.0.8

Dance to the rhythm of the music with your face

Download FaceDance Challenge!
Piano Holic 2.0.7 English

Piano Holic 2.0.7

Play songs on the piano following the rhythm

Download Piano Holic
Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game English

Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game

Follow the rhythm of the music on your Android

Download Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game
Piano Tiles 2 English

Piano Tiles 2

Second part of Piano Tiles for Android

Download Piano Tiles 2
Magic Tiles 3 2.8.9 English

Magic Tiles 3 2.8.9

Music game for Android

Download Magic Tiles 3
Music & Beat 1.1.7 English

Music & Beat 1.1.7

The game that puts your music skills to the test

Download Music & Beat
Sing! Karaoke 5.0.3 English

Sing! Karaoke 5.0.3

Karaoke application for Android

Download Sing! Karaoke
SongPop 1.7.15 English

SongPop 1.7.15

A music trivia for your Android

Download SongPop
Magic Piano 2.0.2 English

Magic Piano 2.0.2

Play hundreds of songs on the piano

Download Magic Piano
Guess The Song English

Guess The Song

Entertaining musical quiz game

Download Guess The Song
Rock Hero 1.0.6 English

Rock Hero 1.0.6

Play the guitar without missing the rhythm

Download Rock Hero
Real Drum 6.18 English

Real Drum 6.18

Become an expert drummer

Download Real Drum
Lost in Harmony 2.1 English

Lost in Harmony 2.1

A music odyseey on your Android

Download Lost in Harmony
Piano - Magic White Tiles 2 1.2.4 English

Piano - Magic White Tiles 2 1.2.4

Music game in which you have to tap tiles to follow the melody

Download Piano - Magic White Tiles 2
Red Karaoke 3.1 English

Red Karaoke 3.1

The most complete karaoke application

Download Red Karaoke
Ingo: Frozen Karaoke 1.0 English

Ingo: Frozen Karaoke 1.0

The karaoke of Frozen the Movie

Download Ingo: Frozen Karaoke
Black Tiles 1.0.92 English

Black Tiles 1.0.92

Avoid tapping the white keys whatever it takes

Download Black Tiles