Launchers for Android

Android launchers allow you to optimize and customize the access to apps and menus on your smartphone or tablet giving the operating system a new aspect

CM Launcher 5.0.3 English

CM Launcher 5.0.3

The best Android launcher according to thousands of users

Download CM Launcher
Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5 English

Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5

Mozilla's official launcher that emulates Firefox OS

Download Firefox OS
SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4 English

SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4

3D interface for Android devices

Download SPB Shell 3D
Ubuntu Mod Launcher 1.4 Beta English

Ubuntu Mod Launcher 1.4 Beta

Application launcher based on Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu Mod Launcher
QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0 English

QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0

Establish shortcuts to running tasks and applications

Download QuickShortcutMaker
Hola Launcher 2.3.5 English

Hola Launcher 2.3.5

Optimize your Android and customize it with one of the best launchers

Download Hola Launcher


A huge pack of icons and wallpapers

Zero Launcher English

Zero Launcher

Small, fast and attractive launcher for Android

Download Zero Launcher
b2gdroid English


Turn Android into Firefox OS

Download b2gdroid
Max Launcher 2.0 English

Max Launcher 2.0

A launcher that emulates Android Marshmallow

Download Max Launcher
KK Launcher 6.96 English

KK Launcher 6.96

Take Android's customization to the max

Download KK Launcher
MoboLive 5.6 English

MoboLive 5.6

Complete application launcher, with many options

Download MoboLive
LMT Launcher 2.8 English

LMT Launcher 2.8

A launcher that redefines our relation with our Android

Download LMT Launcher
Launcher 8 1.9.3 English

Launcher 8 1.9.3

Convert Android into Windows Phone

Download Launcher 8
Turbo Launcher 1.2.22 English

Turbo Launcher 1.2.22

New launcher with 3D effects

Download Turbo Launcher
Twisty Launcher 1.0.4 English

Twisty Launcher 1.0.4

Your application launcher specialized in gestures

Download Twisty Launcher
APUS Launcher 1.7.4 English

APUS Launcher 1.7.4

A smart, fast and lightweight application launcher

Download APUS Launcher
Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3862848 English

Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3862848

The launcher for Google's Pixel and Pixel XL phones

Download Pixel Launcher
Arrow Launcher English

Arrow Launcher

Simplify how you use Android

Download Arrow Launcher
MIUI 5 Launcher Theme 4.0 English

MIUI 5 Launcher Theme 4.0

An elegant and functional interface for Android

Download MIUI
GO Launcher English

GO Launcher

Manage to customize your Android as much as possible

Download GO Launcher
Omni Swipe 2.01 English

Omni Swipe 2.01

Customize and simplify the access to your apps

Download Omni Swipe
Solo Launcher English

Solo Launcher

The launcher that increases your smartphone's performance

Download Solo Launcher
Fake iPhone 5 English

Fake iPhone 5

Put an iOS 6 skin on your Android

Download Fake iPhone
Buzz Launcher English

Buzz Launcher

Modify the Android start-up screen to your liking

Download Buzz Launcher
Z Launcher 1.3.8 English

Z Launcher 1.3.8

Nokia's application launcher

Download Z Launcher
APUS Notification 1.4.0 English

APUS Notification 1.4.0

Notifier for missed calls, messages and emails

Download APUS Notification
Nova Launcher Prime 2017 English

Nova Launcher Prime 2017

Add more functions to Nova Launcher

Download Nova Launcher Prime
TeslaUnread English


A counter of unread notifications

Download TeslaUnread
Aviate Yahoo Launcher English

Aviate Yahoo Launcher

Yahoo!'s option to organize your Android's apps

Download Aviate
Espier Launcher 3.6.1 English

Espier Launcher 3.6.1

Imitate the aspect of an iPhone

Download Espier Launcher
EverythingMe Launcher 2.0.3257 English

EverythingMe Launcher 2.0.3257

Smart launcher for Android

Download EverythingMe Launcher
Google Now Launcher English

Google Now Launcher

Access search functions from your home screen

Download Google Now Launcher
Wiser 1.30.8 English

Wiser 1.30.8

Make your Android more simple

Download Wiser
Moonshine 1.8.2 English

Moonshine 1.8.2

Try out the new designs of Google's icons

Download Moonshine
AppDialer 6.2 English

AppDialer 6.2

Find out how to access your Android's apps immediately

Download AppDialer
Blur 1.5.0 English

Blur 1.5.0

Transform your Android's home screen

Download Blur
ZEN Launcher 1.6.14 English

ZEN Launcher 1.6.14

Fast and lightweight launcher

Download ZEN Launcher
Pip-Tec 1.3.4 English

Pip-Tec 1.3.4

Turn your phone into Fallout's Pip-Boy

Download Pip-Tec
Smart Launcher English

Smart Launcher

Launcher to make your Android more efficient

Download Smart Launcher