Time and Resource Management Games for Android

From running a restaurant to governing a city or building a financial empire: have fun with our selection of resource and time management games

The Sims Mobile English

The Sims Mobile

The life simulator of The Sims for Android

Download The Sims Mobile
Youtubers Life 1.0.4 English

Youtubers Life 2.2

A youtuber simulator for Android

Download Youtubers Life
The Sims 3 English

The Sims 3

Live a virtual life on your Android device

Download The Sims
Cooking Craze 1.14.0 English

Cooking Craze 1.14.0

Cooking strategy and management game for Android

Download Cooking Craze
SpongeBob Moves In 4.37.00 English

SpongeBob Moves In 4.37.00

Create Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob

Download SpongeBob Moves In
Green Farm 3 2.0.1 English

Green Farm 3 2.0.1

Become the best farmer

Download Green Farm
Zombie Farm English

Zombie Farm

A zombies app... in which you have to grow them

Download Zombie Farm
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 1.3.2042 English

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 1.3.2042

Enjoy the exciting country life without wearing out

Download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest
Minions Paradise 11.0.3403 English

Minions Paradise 11.0.3403

Fill your deserted island with minions

Download Minions Paradise
Moana Island Life 3.2.473.202 English

Moana Island Life 3.2.473.202

Official game of Disney's movie Moana

Download Moana Island Life
Happy Cafe 1.3.2 English

Happy Cafe 1.3.2

Manage your own cafeteria in this game for Android

Download Happy Cafe
The Sims FreePlay 5.30.3 English

The Sims FreePlay 5.30.3

The free version of The Sims

Download The Sims FreePlay
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 1.3.0 English

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 1.3.0

Build and manage the Death Star

Download Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Home Street English

Home Street

Build the house of your dreams on your Android

Download Home Street
Smurfs' Village English

Smurfs' Village

Build a new village for the Smurfs to live in

Download Smurfs' Village
SimCity Deluxe English

SimCity Deluxe

Create the city that you've always dreamed of

Download SimCity
The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.29.1 English

The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.29.1

Reconstruct the city of The Simpsons

Download The Simpsons: Tapped Out
No Zombies Allowed 1.6.5 English

No Zombies Allowed 1.6.5

Don't let the zombies get in

Download No Zombies Allowed
The Tribez English

The Tribez

Lead your tribe through evolution

Download The Tribez
Jurassic World: The Game 1.7.26 English

Jurassic World: The Game 1.7.26

Fill your smartphone with dinosaurs

Download Jurassic World: The Game
Country Friends 1.0.1f English

Country Friends 1.0.1f

Have fun with your own farm

Download Country Friends
My Cafe: Recipes & Stories 2017.7.1 English

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories 2017.7.1

Run a lively cafeteria

Download My Cafe: Recipes & Stories
Food Truck Chef 1.1.3 English

Food Truck Chef 1.1.3

Cooking management game set in a food truck

Download Food Truck Chef
Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat 5.6 English

Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat 5.6

Become the best doctor of your hospital

Download Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat
Wild West: New Frontier 18.3 English

Wild West: New Frontier 18.3

Become the best farmer in the Wild West

Download Wild West: New Frontier
Dream House Days 1.1.2 English

Dream House Days 1.1.2

Build the house of your dreams

Download Dream House Days
Diner Dash 3.28.4 English

Diner Dash 3.28.4

Be in charge of managing all the tasks of a restaurant

Download Diner Dash
Dragon Mania Legends 2.6.0q English

Dragon Mania Legends 2.6.0q

Bring up your own dragons and prepare them to fight

Download Dragon Mania Legends
FarmVille 2.8.194 English

FarmVille 2.8.194

Live new adventures on the farm

Download FarmVille
The Flintstones: Bedrock! 1.6.3 English

The Flintstones: Bedrock! 1.6.3

Help the Flintstones rebuild their town

Download The Flintstones: Bedrock!
Top Farm English

Top Farm

The farm game by Halfbrick Studios

Download Top Farm
Cooking Fever 2.5.1 English

Cooking Fever 2.5.1

Prepare dishes and drinks in this cooking game for Android

Download Cooking Fever
Hotel Transylvania 2 1.1.54 English

Hotel Transylvania 2 1.1.54

Build your monster hotel

Download Hotel Transylvania 2
Megapolis 3.30 English

Megapolis 3.30

Design and build your own city

Download Megapolis
Zombie Castaways English

Zombie Castaways

Explore zombie islands for the sake of love

Download Zombie Castaways
Nemo's Reef 1.8.1 English

Nemo's Reef 1.8.1

Build a reef for Nemo and his friends

Download Nemo's Reef
Little Big City 2 3.1.1 English

Little Big City 2 3.1.1

Build your dream city

Download Little Big City
My Lidl Shop 1.2.40 English

My Lidl Shop 1.2.40

Create and run your own Lidl store

Download My Lidl Shop
Good Pizza, Great Pizza 1.8.1 English

Good Pizza, Great Pizza 1.8.1

Become a master pizza maker

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Dungeon, Inc. 1.5.2 English

Dungeon, Inc. 1.5.2

A real-life business simulator

Download Dungeon, Inc.