Online Radio and Music Applications for Android

Listen to the radio and music via streaming from your Android smartphone or tablet. Create playlists and discover new bands, singers and songs

Spotify Music English

Spotify Music

Spotify's app for Android smartphones and tablets

Download Spotify Music
Shazam English


The Android application to identify songs

Download Shazam
Pandora Music English

Pandora Music

Android app of the legal online music streaming service

Download Pandora Music
TuneIn Radio English

TuneIn Radio

The best app to listen to the radio from all over the world

Download TuneIn Radio
Setbeat 2.3.2 English

Setbeat 2.3.2

Find all your favorite music

Download Setbeat
Deezer English


Free music on your phone

Download Deezer
Google Play Music English

Google Play Music

Play music purchased on Google Play

Download Google Play Music
Apple Music 2.0.0 English

Apple Music 2.0.0

Apple's music streaming service lands on Android

Download Apple Music
Pandora Radio English

Pandora Radio

Listen to the music that adapts to your tastes

Download Pandora Radio
Tubdy Music Mp3 1.0.6 English

Tubdy Music Mp3 1.0.6

Application to listen and download MP3s

Download Tubdy Music Mp3
Stream: Free music for YouTube English

Stream: Free music for YouTube

Listen to music from YouTube videos in the background

Download Stream: Free music for YouTube music English music

Listen and download music for free with this Android app

Download music
MusicTube HD 01.00.27 English

MusicTube HD 01.00.27

Music channels from all over the world

Download MusicTube
Yandex.Music English


The music streaming service developed by Yandex

Download Yandex.Music
Radionomy 3.0 English

Radionomy 3.0

Any radio station on your phone

Download Radionomy
Police Scanner 13.10 English

Police Scanner 13.10

The best app to listen to police frequencies

Download Police Scanner
4shared Music 2.4.0 English

4shared Music 2.4.0

Online access to your favorite music

Download 4shared Music
Downloader SoundCloud 1.8.4 English

Downloader SoundCloud 1.8.4

Download songs from SoundCloud

Download Downloader SoundCloud
YouTube Music English

YouTube Music

YouTube's Android application to listen to music

Download YouTube Music
BitTorrent Now 1.1.0 English

BitTorrent Now 1.1.0

BitTorrent's musical streaming app

Download BitTorrent Now
iTunes Search 1.4 English

iTunes Search 1.4

Explore the music offered by iTunes

Download iTunes Search
LINE Music 3.3.2 English

LINE Music 3.3.2

LINE's online music streaming service

Download LINE Music
TuneWiki 4.6.2 English

TuneWiki 4.6.2

Audio player with lyrics for your songs

Download TuneWiki
Beats Music 1.2.6 English

Beats Music 1.2.6

Over twenty million songs at your disposal

Download Beats Music
Palco MP3 English

Palco MP3

App to listen to and download free music by Brazilian artists on Android

Download Palco MP3
SoundCloud Pulse 2016.08.08 English

SoundCloud Pulse 2016.08.08

Tool to promote artists on SoundCloud

Download SoundCloud Pulse
SOUNDS. 1.53.1  English

SOUNDS. 1.53.1

Share music on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger

Download SOUNDS.
Music Search 21.0 English

Music Search 21.0

App to search for music

Download Music Search
MixRadio 4.5.2766 English

MixRadio 4.5.2766

Thousands of songs via streaming

Download MixRadio
Amazon Music English

Amazon Music

Amazon's Android application for online music

Download Amazon Music
SoundCloud 2016.06.28-release English

SoundCloud 2016.06.28-release

Official application for the leading audio social network

Download SoundCloud
Soundwave Music Discovery 1.0.46 English

Soundwave Music Discovery 1.0.46

Find out what music other people listen to

Download Soundwave
Xbox Music 1.2.31126 English

Xbox Music 1.2.31126

Access Microsoft's music service from your phone

Download Xbox Music
Band of the Day  English

Band of the Day

Discover a new music group every single day

Download Band of the Day
Sound Search Google Play 1.1.8  English

Sound Search Google Play 1.1.8

Google's music identification system

Download Sound Search Google Play
Soundrop 3.0.0 English

Soundrop 3.0.0

Listen to music socially

Download Soundrop
Spoticast 1.2.1 English

Spoticast 1.2.1

Play Spotify's music on your TV

Download Spoticast
Radical.FM 1.0.0 English

Radical.FM 1.0.0

Free music service via streaming

Download Radical.FM
Bandcamp English


The app to support emerging musicians

Download Bandcamp
TIDAL English

TIDAL 1.16.9

Hi-Fi music via streaming

Download TIDAL