Online Radio and Music Applications for Android

Listen to the radio and music via streaming from your Android smartphone or tablet. Create playlists and discover new bands, singers and songs

Spotify Music English
Spotify Music

Spotify's app for Android smartphones and tablets

Setbeat 2.4.5 English
Setbeat 2.4.5

Listen to music and download it for free

Shazam 8.4.1-180315 English
Shazam 8.4.1-180315

The Android application to identify songs

Pandora Music 8.5 English

Android app of the legal online music streaming service

TuneIn Radio 19.4 English

The best app to listen to the radio from all over the world

TinyTunes 1.11.0 English
TinyTunes 1.11.0

The app to download free music for Android in MP3 format

Torch Music 1.6.1159 English
Torch Music 1.6.1159

Free alternative to Spotify

4shared Music English
4shared Music

Online access to your favorite music

Free Music MP3 Player - Download MixerBox Lite 6.73 English

A free music player based on YouTube

Deezer Music Player: Stream any Song or Playlist English

One of the best apps to listen to music online on Android

Apple Music 2.4.2 English

Apple's music streaming service lands on Android

Stream: Free music for YouTube 2.11.02 English

Music player for Android based on YouTube

YouTube Music 2.19.53 English
YouTube Music 2.19.53

YouTube's Android application to listen to music

Tubdy Music Mp3 1.0.9 English

Application to listen and download MP3s

Amazon Music 7.5.4 English

Amazon's Android application for online music

Google Play Music 8.7.6773-1.A English
Google Play Music 8.7.6773-1.A

Listen to a catalog with more than 40 million songs

SoundHound English

Discover and identify any song

Pandora Radio 8.5 English

Listen to the music that adapts to your tastes

Downloader SoundCloud 1.8.5 English

Download songs from SoundCloud

Eurovision Song Contest 4.1.3 English

The official application of the Euro Song Contest

Galaxy News Radio (Fallout 3) 1.2 English

Fallout 3's Galaxy News radio station

Radio FM 9.4.2 English
Radio FM 9.4.2

Listen to radio stations from all over the world

Yandex.Music 2.971 English

The music streaming service developed by Yandex

humm 1.2.2 English
humm 1.2.2

A new alternative to Spotify

BitTorrent Now 1.1.0 English

BitTorrent's musical streaming app music 13900 English

Listen and download music for free with this Android app

AntennaPod Beta English
AntennaPod Beta

One of the best apps to play podcasts in Android

SoundCloud - Music & Audio 2018.02.26-release English
SoundCloud - Music & Audio 2018.02.26-release

The largest social network for musicians and music enthusiasts

RadioGym 1.0 English

Listen to music to rhythm of your training

Podcast & Radio iVoox 2.201 English

The best free podcast app for Android

7digital English

Great platform to purchase music

TuneWiki 4.6.3 English
TuneWiki 4.6.3

Audio player with lyrics for your songs

Soundwave Music Discovery 1.0.46 English
Soundwave Music Discovery 1.0.46

Find out what music other people listen to

Xbox Music 1.2.31126 English
Xbox Music 1.2.31126

Access Microsoft's music service from your phone

MusicTube HD 01.00.35 English
MusicTube HD 01.00.35

Music channels from all over the world 1.1.2085 English 1.1.2085

Play and discover music intuitively

Band of the Day  English
Band of the Day

Discover a new music group every single day

Sound Search Google Play 1.1.8  English

Google's music identification system

Radionomy 4.0.0 English
Radionomy 4.0.0

Any radio station on your phone

Soundrop 3.0.0 English
Soundrop 3.0.0

Listen to music socially