Password Managers for Android

Manage all your access keys with these password applications for Android devices. You'll be able to store them safely and generate random passwords

LastPass Password Manager Premium 4.4.1842 English

LastPass Password Manager Premium 4.4.1842

Bring all your passwords together

Download LastPass Password Manager Premium
PasswordBox English


Manage your passwords safely

Download PasswordBox
My Passwords 2.6.0 English

My Passwords 2.6.0

All your passwords under a master key

Download My Passwords
Keeper Password Manager English

Keeper Password Manager 11.2.3

Protect all your passwords

Download Keeper Password Manager
Google Authenticator 5.00 English

Google Authenticator 5.00

Your Google account, much safer with two-step verification

Download Google Authenticator
1Password 6.7.2 English

1Password 6.7.2

An efficient and safe password manager for Android

Download 1Password
aWallet Password Manager 5.1.2 English

aWallet Password Manager 5.1.2

A manager for your different passwords

Download aWallet Password Manager
Dashlane English


Your passwords safer than ever

Download Dashlane