Puzzles for Android

Solve all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles with your Android device: put all your intelligence and wit to the test to solve these problems of logic

Tigerball 1.1.8 English

Tigerball 1.1.8

Get the ball into the bowl defying the laws of physics

Download Tigerball
Waldo & Friends 3.5.5 English

Waldo & Friends 3.5.5

Where's Waldo? now on Android

Download Waldo & Friends
Angry Birds 7.8.7 English

Angry Birds 7.8.7

Help the angriest birds to recover their eggs

Download Angry Birds
What Diff? Find IT 1.16 English

What Diff? Find IT 1.16

Spot the differences between two images

Download What Diff? Find IT
Wood Block Puzzle 9.0 English

Wood Block Puzzle 9.0

Complete the rows to earn points

Download Wood Block Puzzle
Ball Shoot! 1.0.5 English

Ball Shoot! 1.0.5

A new Zuma-type game

Download Ball Shoot!
Captain Cat 1.0 English

Captain Cat 1.0

Simple and entertaining fishing game

Download Captain Cat
1LINE 1.6.1 English

1LINE 1.6.1

Connect all the dots with only one line

Download 1LINE
Bad Piggies 1.3.0 English

Bad Piggies 1.5.2

Build vehicles for the green pigs and pass all the levels

Download Bad Piggies
Block Puzzle Jewel 26.0 English

Block Puzzle Jewel 26.0

Destroy blocks of dazzling gems

Download Block Puzzle Jewel
Angry Birds Seasons 4.2.0 English

Angry Birds Seasons 4.2.0

Discover the most symbolic festivities searching for eggs

Download Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Space 2.0.0 English

Angry Birds Space 2.0.0

New adventures in outer space for the angry birds

Download Angry Birds Space
Shardlands 1.2.0 English

Shardlands 1.2.0

Solve the puzzles to escape from danger

Download Shardlands
Unblock Me English

Unblock Me

Try to remove the red block from the board

Download Unblock Me
Zootopia Crime Files English

Zootopia Crime Files

Become a law enforcement agent in Zootopia

Download Zootopia Crime Files
Scribblenauts Unlimited 1.26 English

Scribblenauts Unlimited 1.26

Help Maxwell with your imagination as your only limit

Download Scribblenauts Unlimited
RGB Express 1.5.0 English

RGB Express 1.5.0

Take all the cargo to the warehouse

Download RGB Express
Quell Reflect 1.53 English

Quell Reflect 1.53

Relax and enjoy this skill game

Download Quell
Where's My Perry? 1.5.0 English

Where's My Perry? 1.5.0

Help Perry save the world

Download Where's My Perry?
100 Crypts 1.24 English

100 Crypts 1.24

Solve the puzzles hidden behind the doors

Download 100 Crypts
Scribblenauts Remix 6.0 English

Scribblenauts Remix 6.0

Imagine objects and create them to solve puzzles

Download Scribblenauts Remix
klocki 1.0.6 English

klocki 1.0.6

Help the line to continue in a 3D environment

Download klocki
Escape the prison adventure 1.8.25 English

Escape the prison adventure 1.8.25

Try to escape from prison

Download Escape the prison adventure
Make7! Hexa Puzzle English

Make7! Hexa Puzzle

Rack your brains to solve these puzzles

Download Make7! Hexa Puzzle
Machinarium 2.0.39 English

Machinarium 2.0.39

Control Josef in a strange robot city

Download Machinarium
Snake 1.8.0 English

Snake 1.8.0

Guide your snake to the treasure

Download Snake
Where's My Water? Lite 1.9.1 English

Where's My Water? Lite 1.9.1

Solve the puzzles and fill the bath with water

Download Where's My Water?
Triple Town English

Triple Town

Build the largest city possible in the smallest space

Download Triple Town
Hooptap English


Challenge your friends, compete and win prizes

Download Hooptap
Flow Free 2.4 English

Flow Free 2.4

Fill the grids without leaving spaces and linking pairs of the same colour

Download Flow Free
Book of Enigmas 1.0.44 English

Book of Enigmas 1.0.44

Solve the enigmas and obtain the highest score

Download Book of Enigmas
Pudding Monsters English

Pudding Monsters

Join the jellies to create a megamonster

Download Pudding Monsters
Blosics 1.0.7 English

Blosics 1.0.7

Knock down the blocks until there are none left

Download Blosics
Shoot Bubble 3.2 Deluxe English

Shoot Bubble 3.2 Deluxe

Join 3 or more bubbles and remove them from the screen

Download Shoot Bubble
7x7 1.1.5 English

7x7 1.1.5

An addictive version of five in a row

Download 7x7
Unlock Your Brain 1.46 English

Unlock Your Brain 1.46

Train your brain every day

Download Unlock Your Brain
Cut the Rope: Time Travel English

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

On Nom travels back in time

Download Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Blendoku 1.6.0 English

Blendoku 1.6.0

Order the colours correctly

Download Blendoku
Boulder Dash-XL 1.0.3 English

Boulder Dash-XL 1.0.3

A classic of the 80's on your smartphone

Download Boulder Dash-XL
Dots 2.0 English

Dots 2.0

Connect the dots of the same colour

Download Dots