Strategy Games for Android

Lead armies, conquer the world, build alliances or wipe out your enemies in these great turn-based or real-time strategy games for Android devices

Clash of Clans 9.105.9 English

Clash of Clans 9.105.9

The most popular real-time strategy game on Android

Download Clash of Clans
Clash Royale 1.9.2 English

Clash Royale 1.9.2

Multiplayer battles in the world of Clash of Clans

Download Clash Royale
Plants vs. Zombies 2 6.1.1 English

Plants vs. Zombies 2 6.1.1

Defend yourself against zombie invasion in your garden... once again

Download Plants vs. Zombies 2
Plants vs. Zombies 1.1.74 English

Plants vs. Zombies 1.1.74

Botanical wars against zombies

Download Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies Free 1.1.74 English

Plants vs. Zombies Free 1.1.74

Live the war between plants and zombies

Download Plants vs. Zombies Free
Clash of Lights 1.0 English

Clash of Lights 1.0

Private Clash of Clans server

Download Clash of Lights
Pokémon Tower Defense Final Version 7/11/13 English

Pokémon Tower Defense Final Version 7/11/13

Retro tower defense based on Pokémon

Download Pokémon Tower Defense
Mobile Legends: Bang bang English

Mobile Legends: Bang bang

The ultimate MOBA for Android

Download Mobile Legends: Bang bang
Maps for Minecraft PE English

Maps for Minecraft PE

Download maps for the mobile version of Minecraft

Download Maps for Minecraft PE
Angry Birds Evolution 1.8.2 English

Angry Birds Evolution 1.8.2

The Angry Birds turn-based battle game

Download Angry Birds Evolution
Call of Duty: Heroes 1.7.1 English

Call of Duty: Heroes 1.7.1

A strategic Call of Duty

Download Call of Duty: Heroes
Anthill 1.0.10 English

Anthill 1.0.10

Use the best strategy to protect the anthill

Download Anthill
Angry Birds Islands 1.0.26 English

Angry Birds Islands 1.0.26

An Angry Birds real-time strategy game

Download Angry Birds Islands
Vainglory 2.6.1 English

Vainglory 2.6.1

The best MOBA for Android

Download Vainglory
Kingdom Rush Origins 1.3.0 English

Kingdom Rush Origins 1.3.0

Choose the right strategy to wipe out your enemies

Download Kingdom Rush Origins
Choices: Stories You Play 1.9.0 English

Choices: Stories You Play 1.9.0

Game about choosing your own adventure

Download Choices: Stories You Play
The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth English

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth

Conquer the Middle-earth

Download The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth
Episode - Choose Your Story English

Episode - Choose Your Story

Change the outcome of the story depending on your decisions

Download Episode - Choose Your Story
Zombie Tycoon 2 English

Zombie Tycoon 2

Zombie strategy game

Download Zombie Tycoon
Craft Royale 3.06 English

Craft Royale 3.06

A crossover between Clash of Clans and Minecraft

Download Craft Royale
Worms 3 2.04 English

Worms 3 2.04

Entertaining turn-based strategy game

Download Worms
iLands 1.5 English

iLands 1.5

Building game based on blocks similar to Minecraft

Download iLands
MOBA Legends: RoboCop Live English

MOBA Legends: RoboCop Live

A MOBA based on RoboCop

Download MOBA Legends: RoboCop Live
Steampunk Game English

Steampunk Game

Use steam technology to fight against your enemies

Download Steampunk Game
Eternal Kingdom 1.3.0 English

Eternal Kingdom 1.3.0

Fantastic strategy game to be played online

Download Eternal Kingdom
Dune 2 0.94.6 English

Dune 2 0.94.6

Version of the classic strategy game for Android

Download Dune 2
Sentinel 3: Homeworld 1.3.2 English

Sentinel 3: Homeworld 1.3.2

A great futuristic Tower Defense

Download Sentinel 3: Homeworld
Lords Mobile English

Lords Mobile

A real-time strategy game

Download Lords Mobile
Stick War: Legacy 1.3.54 English

Stick War: Legacy 1.3.54

A war waged by stickmen

Download Stick War: Legacy
Tribal Mania 1.6 English

Tribal Mania 1.6

A Clash Royale set in the Persian Gulf

Download Tribal Mania
Royale Clans - Clash of Wars 3.55 English

Royale Clans - Clash of Wars 3.55

Another tribute to Clash Royale

Download Royale Clans - Clash of Wars
Age of Empire 1.9.56 English

Age of Empire 1.9.56

Conquer the Medieval Europe

Download Age of Empire
Dethroned! 1.0.12 English

Dethroned! 1.0.12

Strategy game set in a world of fantasy

Download Dethroned!
Dragons: Rise of Berk 1.7.1 English

Dragons: Rise of Berk 1.7.1

The game based on the movie How to Train Your Dragon

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk
Steampunk Tower 1.1.0 English

Steampunk Tower 1.1.0

Addictive tower defense game with steampunk aesthetics

Download Steampunk Tower
Galaxy Control: 3d strategy English

Galaxy Control: 3d strategy

Real-time strategy to control the galaxy

Download Galaxy Control: 3d strategy
Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.104 English

Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.104

Build your team of heroes and fight online

Download Magic Rush: Heroes
Asterix and Friends 1.4.0 English

Asterix and Friends 1.4.0

The adventures of Asterix and Obelix on your Android

Download Asterix and Friends
Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.16.10 English

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.16.10

Start a card war in PvZ

Download Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
Planet of Heroes English

Planet of Heroes

Online multplayer battles all over the world

Download Planet of Heroes