Tools for Android

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Bitmoji 10.14.773 English

Bitmoji 10.14.773

Android app to create customized emojis

Download Bitmoji
Clean Master English

Clean Master

Cleaner, optimizer and antivirus all in one

Download Clean Master
KingRoot 5.2.1 English

KingRoot 5.2.1

The app to root your Android with just one click

Download KingRoot
Lucky Patcher 6.5.5 English

Lucky Patcher 6.5.5

Tool to crack Android apps

Download Lucky Patcher
KingoRoot 4.3.1 English

KingoRoot 4.3.1

How to root Android in one click

Download KingoRoot
WinZip 4.0.3 English

WinZip 4.0.3

App to open RAR and ZIP files in Android

Download WinZip
SHAREit English

SHAREit 3.8.18_ww

Transfer files from Android to other devices without cables

Download SHAREit
Zedge - Ringtones & Wallpapers English

Zedge - Ringtones & Wallpapers

Customize your Android with new icons, ringtones and wallpapers

Download Zedge - Ringtones & Wallpapers
CM Launcher 3.53.0 English

CM Launcher 3.53.0

The best Android launcher according to thousands of users

Download CM Launcher
JBED 2.3.1 English

JBED 2.3.1

Use Java applications on Android

Download JBED
Du Battery Saver English

Du Battery Saver

Optimize the battery consumption and extend its life

Download Du Battery Saver
z4root 1.3.0 English

z4root 1.3.0

Root your Android with a single click

Download z4root
Android 6 Marshmallow English

Android 6 Marshmallow

Android version 6

Download Android 6 Marshmallow
Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons 1.2 English

Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons 1.2

Send rather different randy emoticons

Download Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons
CyanogenMod Installer English

CyanogenMod Installer

Easily install ROMs on Android

Download CyanogenMod Installer
CamScanner English


Turn your Android into a scanner

Download CamScanner
Nero AirBurn 1.0.9 English

Nero AirBurn 1.0.9

Burn your Android's content onto an optical disc

Download Nero AirBurn
Root Explorer English

Root Explorer

The best file manager available for Android

Download Root Explorer
SpeechSynthesis Data Installer 1.0.3 English

SpeechSynthesis Data Installer 1.0.3

Files necessary for TTS on Android

Download SpeechSynthesis Data Installer
Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5 English

Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5

Mozilla's official launcher that emulates Firefox OS

Download Firefox OS
AllCast Receiver English

AllCast Receiver

Streaming and mirroring between your Android and TV

Download AllCast Receiver
Gear Fit Manager for All 1.2 English

Gear Fit Manager for All 1.2

Enjoy Samsung Gear on your phone

Download Gear Fit Manager for All
Kies air 2.3.310281 English

Kies air 2.3.310281

Synchronize your Android with your PC

Download Kies air
Mobileuncle MTK Tools 20140111 v2.9.9 English

Mobileuncle MTK Tools 20140111 v2.9.9

Toolbox for MTK smartphones

Download Mobileuncle MTK Tools
2x Battery Battery Saver 3.00 English

2x Battery Battery Saver 3.00

Extend the life of your battery

Download 2x Battery
BlueStacks Cloud Connect English

BlueStacks Cloud Connect

Launch and synchronize Android applications on a PC

Download BlueStacks Cloud Connect
SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4 English

SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4

3D interface for Android devices

Download SPB Shell 3D
Android 5 Lollipop English

Android 5 Lollipop

The first Android with Material Design

Download Android 5 Lollipop
Minions Emoji 2.3 English

Minions Emoji 2.3

Share stickers based on the Minions

Download Minions Emoji
Battery Doctor 5.33 English

Battery Doctor 5.33

The best app to save battery

Download Battery Doctor
CCleaner 1.20.82 English

CCleaner 1.20.82

Smartphone version of the most efficient cleaner

Download CCleaner
Android 7 Nougat English

Android 7 Nougat

Android version 7.0

Download Android 7 Nougat
Kingo SuperUser 2.1.5 English

Kingo SuperUser 2.1.5

App to manage your rooted Android

Download Kingo SuperUser
IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ English

IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ

The best TTS engine for Android

Download IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ
GO Battery Saver 4.31.1 English

GO Battery Saver 4.31.1

Battery indicator including a widget

Download GO Battery Saver
Super Battery 1.1.2 English

Super Battery 1.1.2

Extend the life of your phone's battery

Download Super Battery
All Mobile Flash Tool 7.0.3 English

All Mobile Flash Tool 7.0.3

Flash, recover, and bring your phone back to life

Download All Mobile Flash Tool
Hackode 1.1 English

Hackode 1.1

All the tools necessary to hack from Android

Download Hackode
Speaker Cleaner 1.4 English

Speaker Cleaner 1.4

Make sure your speakers are clean

Download Speaker Cleaner
Undelete English


Recover deleted files with your super administrator profile

Download Undelete