Casual Games for iPhone

Mobile casual games offer you the easiest and simplest entertainment. Make the most of these games without complications from your iPhone and iPad

My Talking Tom 4.2.1 English

My Talking Tom 4.2.1

The talking cat as your virtual pet

Download My Talking Tom
Pou 1.4.69 English

Pou 1.4.69

Adopt a cute alien on your iPhone

Download Pou
Beat Stomper 0.4 English

Beat Stomper 0.4

Jump non-stop and reach the sky

Download Beat Stomper
Snake VS Block 1.11 English

Snake VS Block 1.13

Go through as many blocks as possible with your snake

Download Snake VS Block
The Floor is Lava 1.8 English

The Floor is Lava 1.0

Pretend that the floor is made of lava

Download The Floor is Lava
Scream Go: Jumping & Swimming 3.0 English

Scream Go: Jumping & Swimming 3.0

An even more retro voice-controlled version of Flappy Bird

Download Scream Go: Jumping & Swimming
Flinch 1.4.3 English

Flinch 1.4.3

Make your opponent laugh

Download Flinch
Finger Spinner 1.2 English

Finger Spinner 1.2

Fidget spinner simulator for iPhone

Download Finger Spinner
Dancing Line 1.2.0 English

Dancing Line 1.2.0

Make the line advance to the rhythm of the music

Download Dancing Line
Sky Whale 1.8.1 English

Sky Whale 1.8.1

Fly the skies with a whale and collect all the donuts

Download Sky Whale 1.2.2 English 1.2.2

Gobble up your enemies and become the biggest of them all

Prune 1.0.60 English

Prune 1.0.60

Look after your tree in the peculiar growing game

Download Prune
Ball Shot - Fling to Basket 1 English

Ball Shot - Fling to Basket 1.0

Casual endless game for iPhone about playing basketball

Download Ball Shot - Fling to Basket
Rail Draw 1.0.6 English

Rail Draw 1.0.6

Ride a mine cart in a Flappy Bird style game

Download Rail Draw
Flappy Bird 1.1.0 English

Flappy Bird 1.1.0

A new game that will soon have you hooked

Download Flappy Bird
Stay In The Line 1.0.2 English

Stay In The Line 1.0.2

Manage to advance between the circuit's lines

Download Stay In The Line
Fit the Fat 1.0.5 English

Fit the Fat 1.0.5

Rope skipping to burn fat

Download Fit the Fat
Blek 1.0.2 English

Blek 1.3

Extraordinay minimalistic and elegant puzzle game

Download Blek
Daddy Long Legs 2.1.0 English

Daddy Long Legs 2.1.0

Walk as far as you can

Download Daddy Long Legs
Extreme Unicycle 1.2.7 English

Extreme Unicycle 1.2.7

Travel as far as you can with your unicycle

Download Extreme Unicycle
Faily Brakes 1.11 English

Faily Brakes 1.11

Drive a car without brakes

Download Faily Brakes
Damn Daniel 1.1 English

Damn Daniel 1.1

Take Daniel as far as you can

Download Damn Daniel
Handbrake Valet 1.1 English

Handbrake Valet 1.1

Prove your touch with the handbrake

Download Handbrake Valet
Tap Tap Dash 1.8.4 English

Tap Tap Dash 1.8.4

Guide your character with your finger and plenty of skill

Download Tap Tap Dash
Pimple Popper 8.6 English

Pimple Popper 8.6

Use your iPhone for what you've always wanted: pop pimples

Download Pimple Popper
iChapatti Lite 1.0 English

iChapatti Lite 1.0

Become an expert preparing Chapatis

Download iChapatti
Dumb Ways to Die 1.5 English

Dumb Ways to Die 1.5

Escape from death at a railway station

Download Dumb Ways to Die
Flappy Bee (Jumpy Bee) 1.01 English

Flappy Bee (Jumpy Bee) 1.01

A happy bee always collects more nectar

Download Flappy Bee
Red Bouncing Ball Spikes 3.5 English

Red Bouncing Ball Spikes 3.5

Manage to control the red ball

Download Red Bouncing Ball Spikes
Shuriken Block 1.1 English

Shuriken Block 1.1

Save the samurais from the persistent shuriken shower

Download Shuriken Block
Smash Hit 1.3.2 English

Smash Hit 1.3.2

Release stress by smashing glass

Download Smash Hit
Retry 1.4.3 English

Retry 1.4.3

The game by Rovio inspired on Flappy Bird

Download Retry
dEXTRIS 1.1.1 English

dEXTRIS 1.1.1

Game in which you have to prove your speed and skill

Download dEXTRIS
Dirby Flap! 1.0.1 English

Dirby Flap! 1.0.1

Play Flappy Bird the other way around

Download Dirby Flap!
Toilet Time 2.0.1 English

Toilet Time 2.0.1

Essential games for your moments in the bathroom

Download Toilet Time
Swing Copters 1.1.0 English

Swing Copters 1.1.0

Ascend with your propeller dodging obstacles

Download Swing Copters
The Tower 1.5 English

The Tower 1.5

A tower to reach the stars

Download The Tower
Cut the Buttons 2.3 English

Cut the Buttons 2.3

Cut off and gather all the buttons

Download Cut the Buttons
Caveman Pong 1.0.6 English

Caveman Pong 1.0.6

Just make the ball bounce off the wall

Download Caveman Pong
Stick Hero 1.4 English

Stick Hero 1.4

Platform game that's harder than what it seems

Download Stick Hero