Dictionaries and Translation Applications for iPhone

Find the meaning of any word or find out the exact sense of a sentence or text in a foreign language thanks to these dictionaries and translations apps

Google Translate 5.18.0 English

Google Translate 5.18.0

Maybe the best translator for iPhone

Download Google Translate
Oxford Dictionary of English 10.0.4 English

Oxford Dictionary of English 10.0.4

The best English dictionary for iPhone

Download Oxford Dictionary of English
Dragon Dictation 2.0.28 English

Dragon Dictation 2.0.28

Voice and dictation recognition app

Download Dragon Dictation
Lingualia 2.0.6 English

Lingualia 2.0.6

Learn languages at your own pace

Download Lingualia
Smigin 1.2.238 English

Smigin 1.2.238

Speak any language without great efforts

Download Smigin
Slated 1.3 English

Slated 1.3

A real-time translator for your keyboard

Download Slated
TripLingo Castilian Spanish 1.0 English

TripLingo Castilian Spanish 1.0

Entertaining Spanish course

Download TripLingo
Translate Professional 5.1.1 English

Translate Professional 5.1.1

Carry out translations between different languages

Download Translate Professional
Duolingo 5.2.10 English

Duolingo 5.2.10

Learn English from your iPhone

Download Duolingo
busuu English

busuu 4.0.1

Learn Spanish and other languages in an interactive manner

Download busuu
Microsoft Translator 3.0.7 English

Microsoft Translator 3.0.7

Translate words and sentences to over 50 languages

Download Microsoft Translator
Translator 1.5 English

Translator 1.5

Translation app for iPhone

Download Translator
SayHi Translate 3.9.8 English

SayHi Translate 3.9.8

A language translator for iPhone

Download SayHi Translate
Scanner & Translator 3.0 English

Scanner & Translator 3.0

Scan and translate texts with your iPhone’s camera

Download Scanner & Translator
Smart Translator 1.4.3 English

Smart Translator 1.4.3

Instantly translate text to over 40 languages

Download Smart Translator
iTranslate 10.4.5 English

iTranslate 10.4.5

Real-time translator to over 90 languages

Download iTranslate
Learn English with Films - ABA English 2.5.4 English

Learn English with Films - ABA English 2.5.4

Simple and comfortable method to learn English through videos

Download Learn English with Films - ABA English
WordReference Dictionary 5.0.16 English

WordReference Dictionary 5.0.16

Application of the popular dictionary and translation site

Download WordReference Dictionary
Speak & Translate - Translator 4.3 English

Speak & Translate - Translator 4.3

Translate any text or voice of your choice

Download Speak & Translate - Translator