Video Editors for iPhone

Carry out all sorts of editing processes and montages with our video editors for iPhone. From removing fragments to cleaning the image and adding effects 5.8.3 English 5.8.3

One of the largest online music communities

VivaVideo - Video Editor 5.8.9 English

VivaVideo - Video Editor 5.8.9

Application to mount and edit video with your iPhone

Download VivaVideo - Video Editor
Pinnacle Studio 5.6.1 English

Pinnacle Studio 5.6.1

Complete video editor for iPhone

Download Pinnacle Studio
vjay 1.4.1 English

vjay 1.4.1

Mix videos with your iPhone

Download vjay
iMovie 2.2.3 English

iMovie 2.2.3

Create your movies with your iPhone

Download iMovie
Action Movie FX 2.8 English

Action Movie FX 2.8

Generate your own special effects

Download Action Movie FX
Video Star 6.3.2 English

Video Star 6.3.2

Star in your very own music videos

Download Video Star
Adobe Premiere Clip 2.1.1 English

Adobe Premiere Clip 2.1.1

Creating stunning videos on an iPhone is really easy

Download Adobe Premiere Clip
Echograph 1.37 English

Echograph 1.37

Create cinemagraphs in a simple manner

Download Echograph
Perfect Video - Video Editor & Movie Maker 4.6.1 English

Perfect Video - Video Editor & Movie Maker 4.6.1

Simple video editor for iPhone

Download Perfect Video - Video Editor & Movie Maker
Vizzywig 5.0 English

Vizzywig 5.0

WYSIWYG video editing

Download Vizzywig
SloPro 3.3 English

SloPro 3.3

Apply the slow motion effect to your videos

Download SloPro
Videoshop 5.4.2 English

Videoshop 5.4.2

Your mobile video editing studio

Download Videoshop
Mannequin Challenge Creator 1.1 English

Mannequin Challenge Creator 1.1

App to record your Mannequin Challenge

Download Mannequin Challenge Creator
Splice - Free Video Editor + Movie Maker by GoPro 3.5.1 English

Splice - Free Video Editor + Movie Maker by GoPro 3.5.1

The best video editor for iPhone

Download Splice - Free Video Editor + Movie Maker by GoPro
Adobe VideoBite 2.1.1 English

Adobe VideoBite 2.1.1

Create movies on your iPhone with the images you have stored

Download Adobe VideoBite
Clips 1.0 English

Clips 1.0

Apple's social video application

Download Clips
Viddy 2.6.2 English

Viddy 2.6.2

View your videos from a new perspective

Download Viddy
YouTube Producer 2.2.1 English

YouTube Producer 2.2.1

Add songs toy our videos and share them over YouTube

Download YouTube Producer
Directr 3.1 English

Directr 3.1

Edit the videos recorded on your iPhone in simple steps

Download Directr
MixBit 2.0.1 English

MixBit 2.0.1

Create your own stories on video

Download MixBit
Cinamatic 1.0.1 English

Cinamatic 1.0.1

Convert your short videos into attractive cinema works

Download Cinamatic
Hyperlapse 1.1.6 English

Hyperlapse 1.1.6

Instagram's tool to create time-lapse videos

Download Hyperlapse
Cameo 2.1.1 English

Cameo 2.1.1

Vimeo's short video app

Download Cameo
Replay 4.1 English

Replay 4.1

A reliable video editor

Download Replay