Education and Leisure Applications for iPhone

Find out about different ways to learn and spend your free time with these education and leisure applications for iPhone. Make the most of your spare time

TutuApp 2.3.52 English

TutuApp 1.3

Alternative app store for iPhone

Download TutuApp
Waze - GPS Navigation, Maps & Social Traffic 4.34.1 English

Waze - GPS Navigation, Maps & Social Traffic 4.34.1

Avoid traffic and save time when traveling by car

Download Waze - GPS Navigation, Maps & Social Traffic
Google Maps - Navigation & Transit 4.43 English

Google Maps - Navigation & Transit 4.43

The best maps application for iPhone

Download Google Maps - Navigation & Transit
Apple Store 4.4 English

Apple Store 4.4

Keep Apple's Store nearby

Download Apple Store
Google Translate 5.16.0 English

Google Translate 5.16.0

Maybe the best translator for iPhone

Download Google Translate
Wolfram Alpha 1.7.2 English

Wolfram Alpha 1.7.2

The answer to thousands of questions

Download Wolfram Alpha
i-Doser Premium 4.0 English

i-Doser Premium 4.0

Experience with binaural waves from your iPhone

Download i-Doser
ElectroDroid Pro 1.1 English

ElectroDroid Pro 1.1

Dozens of electronic tools for your iPhone

Download ElectroDroid
Astral Coach - Personal Astrology Assistant 1.3.1 English

Astral Coach - Personal Astrology Assistant 1.3.1

Know the future not with cards, with your iPhone

Download Astral Coach - Personal Astrology Assistant
TomTom Europe 1.19 English

TomTom Europe 1.19

The leading navigation system on your iPhone

Download TomTom
Appsfire 4.3.1 English

Appsfire 4.3.1

Look for applications in the App Store

Download Appsfire
Pocket Glasses PRO 1.05 English

Pocket Glasses PRO 1.05

Turn your iPhone into your emergency glasses

Download Pocket Glasses PRO
FotMob 21.1 English

FotMob 21.1

Football results and much more on your iPhone

Download FotMob
Google Earth English

Google Earth 9.2.4

The iPhone application to explore the planet

Download Google Earth
Stelapps 2.0.3 English

Stelapps 2.0.3

Daily selection of free apps

Download Stelapps
Oxford Dictionary of English 10.0.4 English

Oxford Dictionary of English 10.0.4

The best English dictionary for iPhone

Download Oxford Dictionary of English
Athan 3.5 English

Athan 3.5

Carry out the 5 daily compulsory prayers of Islam

Download Athan
Flo Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Tracker 3.7.0 English

Flo Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Tracker 3.7.0

Because you want to have everything under control on those days

Download Flo Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Tracker
Akinator the Genie 4.8 English

Akinator the Genie 4.8

The genie capable of reading your mind

Download Akinator the Genie
Flippy 2.3.4 English

Flippy 2.3.4

Sing in famous music videos

Download Flippy
Dubsmash 1.3.7 English

Dubsmash 1.3.7

Record yourself on video dub yourself with famous phrases

Download Dubsmash
AppGratis 3.00 English

AppGratis 3.00

A free application every single day

Download AppGratis
BBC Weather 1.5.0 English

BBC Weather 1.5.0

Check the weather and its forecast

Download BBC Weather
All-in Fitness 1.9.1 English

All-in Fitness 1.9.1

The social network for fitness lovers

Download All-in Fitness
AppCake English


The best App Store with added vitamins

Download AppCake
AppShopper 1.4.4 English

AppShopper 1.4.4

Keep up with all the updates about your favorite applications

Download AppShopper
Premier League - Official App 1.1.10 English

Premier League - Official App 1.1.10

Control the slightest detail of the most exciting football league

Download Premier League - Official App
Runtastic Pro 7.1.7 English

Runtastic Pro 7.1.7

GPS tool for your physical training

Download Runtastic Pro
MATLAB Mobile 4.0.0 English

MATLAB Mobile 7.0

Client to use MATLAB remotely

Download MATLAB Mobile
Dragon Dictation 2.0.28 English

Dragon Dictation 2.0.28

Voice and dictation recognition app

Download Dragon Dictation
Sygic Iberia - GPS Navigation 14.1.5 English

Sygic Iberia - GPS Navigation 14.1.5

All the maps to travel around Spain

Download Sygic Iberia - GPS Navigation
iDoceo 4.8.1 English

iDoceo 4.8.1

Tool to organize a teacher's work

Download iDoceo
SimSimi 6.7.4 English

SimSimi 6.7.4

A smart conversational bot

Download SimSimi
YouCam Makeup 5.29.2 English

YouCam Makeup 5.29.2

Beauty application for iPhone

Download YouCam Makeup
Runtastic Results 1.7.2 English

Runtastic Results 1.7.4

Get in shape without weights or gyms

Download Runtastic Results
Walker - Pedometer 2.3.9 English

Walker - Pedometer 2.3.9

Count every step you take

Download Walker - Pedometer
Slated 1.3 English

Slated 1.3

A real-time translator for your keyboard

Download Slated
Write the Alphabet 1.8.2 English

Write the Alphabet 1.8.2

The ideal app to teach your kids to write

Download Write the Alphabet
Redshift 2.0.1 English

Redshift 2.0.1

3D views of the Universe on your iPhone

Download Redshift
Ouija Table 2.2 English

Ouija Table 2.2

Paranormal activities on your iPhone

Download Ouija Table