Sports Games for iPhone

Football, basketball, hockey, golf… In this category you'll be able to download all sorts of sports games for iPhone to become a real sporting star

First Touch Soccer 2015 2.07 English

First Touch Soccer 2015 2.07

Football game for iPhone similar to PES and FIFA

Download First Touch Soccer 2015
PES 2017 - Pro Evolution Soccer 1.1.1 English

PES 2017 - Pro Evolution Soccer 1.1.1

The Pro Evolution Soccer for iPhone

Download PES 2017 - Pro Evolution Soccer
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team 3.2 English

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team 3.2

Enjoy football like never before on your iPhone

Download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
Dream League Soccer 2017 4.10 English

Dream League Soccer 2017 4.10

Decent football manager and simulation game

Download Dream League Soccer 2017
FIFA Mobile Soccer English

FIFA Mobile Soccer 6.1.1

FIFA 17 for iPhone

Download FIFA Mobile Soccer
Tigerball 1.1.5 English

Tigerball 1.1.5

Casual puzzle game about putting a ball into a bowl

Download Tigerball
PES 2012 1.0.5 English

PES 2012 1.0.5

Pro Evolution of the season 2011-2012

Download PES
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team English

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA for the season 2014-2015

Download FIFA 15
FIFA 14 1.0.2 English

FIFA 14 1.0.2

Football simulator for the 2013-2014 season

Download FIFA 14
NBA 2K17 1.07 English

NBA 2K17 1.07

NBA basketball on your iPhone

Download NBA 2K17
8 Ball Pool 3.2.2 English

8 Ball Pool 3.2.2

Excellent pool game

Download 8 Ball Pool
Real Football 2013 1.6.0 English

Real Football 2013 1.6.0

Play football from your iOS device

Download Real Football
Dream League Soccer 2016 2.0.7 English

Dream League Soccer 2016 2.0.7

Football simulator and manager game for iPhone

Download Dream League Soccer
FUT 17 DRAFT by PacyBits 1.1 English

FUT 17 DRAFT by PacyBits 1.1

Simulator to play FIFA Ultimate Team

Download FUT 17 DRAFT by PacyBits
Football Manager Handheld 2014 5.0.2 English

Football Manager Handheld 2014 5.1.2

Become your own football team's manager

Download Football Manager
Fantasy Premier League 2015/16 1.8 English

Fantasy Premier League 2015/16 2.0.7

The Premier League's football manager game

Download Fantasy Premier League
Motorsport Manager 1.1.5 English

Motorsport Manager 1.1.5

Direct a F1 team

Download Motorsport Manager
Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! 1.0.1 English

Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! 1.0.1

Play football with cartoon characters

Download Superstar Soccer: Goal!!!
PES Collection 1.1.18 English

PES Collection 1.1.18

Build your own dream team in PES

Download PES Collection
Tour de France 2017 1.0.6 English

Tour de France 2017 1.0.6

A cycling management simulator for iPhone

Download Tour de France 2017
Score! Hero 1.07 English

Score! Hero 1.07

Become a worldclass football star

Download Score! Hero
Soccer Stars 3.6.0 English

Soccer Stars 3.6.0

A great bottle cap football game for iPhone

Download Soccer Stars
PES CLUB MANAGER 1.5.0 English


Pro Evolution Soccer in manager and coach version

Retro Soccer - Arcade Football Game 3.709 English

Retro Soccer - Arcade Football Game 3.709

Retro football game for iPhone

Download Retro Soccer - Arcade Football Game
Soccer Physics 1.1 English

Soccer Physics 1.1

An impossible football game

Download Soccer Physics
Flick Home Run! 1.7.2 English

Flick Home Run! 1.7.2

Turn your finger into a baseball bat

Download Flick Home Run!
Golf Clash 1.8 English

Golf Clash 1.8

Online multimplayer golf game

Download Golf Clash
True Skate 1.4.6 English

True Skate 1.4.6

Control your virtual skateboard with your fingers

Download True Skate
Futsal Freekick 2.1 English

Futsal Freekick 2.1

Free kick five-a-side football game

Download Futsal Freekick
Top Stars Football League 1.31.06 English

Top Stars Football League 1.31.07

A football game similar to Clash Royale for iPhone

Download Top Stars Football League
Basketball Stars 1.4.3 English

Basketball Stars 1.4.3

A 1 vs 1 one basketball game

Download Basketball Stars
Vector 2 0.7.6 English

Vector 2 0.7.1

Practice parkour on your iPhone

Download Vector
Hangtime! 1.3 English

Hangtime! 1.3

Throw your iPhone in the air

Download Hangtime!
Final Kick 2.0.13 English

Final Kick 2.0.13

The best penalty shoutout game for iPhone

Download Final Kick
Dude Perfect 2 1.3.0 English

Dude Perfect 2 1.3.0

The second official game of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel

Download Dude Perfect 2
Roland-Garros Tennis Champions 1.0 English

Roland-Garros Tennis Champions 1.0.4

Tennis game for iPhone based on the French Open

Download Roland-Garros Tennis Champions
Bowling 3D 1.0 English

Bowling 3D 1.0

Play ten-pin bowling on your iPhone

Download Bowling 3D
iBasket 10.0.2 English

iBasket 10.0.7

Challenge your friends to a game of basketball

Download iBasket
Virtual Table Tennis 3.1.3 English

Virtual Table Tennis 3.1.3

Table tennis arrives on your iPhone

Download Virtual Table Tennis
Super Ball Juggling 1.1 English

Super Ball Juggling 1.1

Use one touch to pass the ball without letting it fall

Download Super Ball Juggling