Internet Applications for iPhone

Our Internet applications include anything from web browsers to applications to manage WiFi networks. Control everything related to your iPhone's connection

Firefox 8.2 English

Firefox 8.2

Mozilla's browser ready to be downloaded to iPhone

Download Firefox
Google Chrome 60.0.3112.101 English

Chrome 60.0.3112.89

Version of Google's browser for iPhone and iPad

Download Chrome
Dropbox 32.4.23 English

Dropbox 60.2

Online file storage service

Download Dropbox
MEGA 3.7 English

MEGA 3.7

The iPhone app of the most secure cloud storage service

Download MEGA
Google Drive - Online Storage 4.2017.25202 English

Google Drive - Online Storage 4.2017.25202

Store up to 15 GB of files on the cloud for free

Download Google Drive - Online Storage
UC Browser 6.1.2909.1213 English

UC Browser

Browser for iPhone with low data consumption

Download UC Browser
Opera Mini 14.0.0 English

Opera Mini 14.0.0

Lightweight browser with an ad-blocker

Download Opera Mini
Total - TDownloader 2.6.4 English

Total - TDownloader 2.6.4

Browser with functions to download videos

Download Total - TDownloader
iDownloader Pro 3.0 English

iDownloader Pro 3.0

Download your favorite music to your iPhone

Download iDownloader
Downloads Download Manager 4.3.1 English

Downloads Download Manager 4.3.1

The best download client for iPhone

Download Downloads Download Manager
Video Downloader 1.5 English

Video Downloader 1.5

The best solution to download videos to your iPhone

Download Video Downloader
Photon Browser 6.2 English

Photon Browser 6.2

View Flash contents on your iPhone and iPod

Download Photon Browser
Blue Downloader 1.2 English

Blue Downloader 1.2

The BitTorrent client approved by Apple

Download Blue Downloader
Musify 1.5 English

Musify 1.5

Unlimited music for your iPhone

Download Musify
Video Downloader Super Lite 2.0 English

Video Downloader Super Lite 2.0

App to download videos to your iPhone

Download Video Downloader Super Lite
Video Link Lite 3.0 English

Video Link Lite 3.0

Download Internet videos to your iPhone

Download Video Link Lite
WiFiAudit Pro 2.4 English

WiFiAudit Pro 2.4

Audit wireless networks

Download WiFiAudit
iDownloader Plus 2.5.0 English

iDownloader Plus 2.5.0

Download files to your iPhone to transfer them to your PC

Download iDownloader Plus
Amerigo Turbo Browser Free 2.2 English

Amerigo Turbo Browser Free 2.2

A web browser with a built-in file manager

Download Amerigo Turbo Browser
Cloud Browse 5.4 English

Cloud Browse 5.4

View Flash and Java web contents with iOS

Download Cloud Browse
MacID 1.2 English

MacID 1.2

Unlock your Mac from your iPhone

Download MacID
AVG Safe Browser 1.1.0 English

AVG Safe Browser 1.1.0

Browse securely from your iPhone

Download AVG Safe Browser
Philips MyRemote 4.40 English

Philips MyRemote 4.40

Control a Philips Smart LED TV from your iPhone

Download Philips MyRemote
Send Anywhere 2.6.9 English

Send Anywhere 6.6.24

Easily share the files on your handset

Download Send Anywhere
Tube Downloader 1.3 English

Tube Downloader 1.3

Download and organize videos from your iPhone

Download Tube Downloader
Downloader Elite Free 1.0 English

Downloader Elite Free 1.0

Download files from any web

Download Downloader Elite Free
WiFi Map 4.0.2 English

WiFi Map 4.0.2

Get hold of passwords to browse for free

Download WiFi Map
MyTube for YouTube 2.0 English

MyTube for YouTube 2.0

Download videos from YouTube to your iPhone

Download MyTube for YouTube
Onion Browser 1.7.6 English

Onion Browser 1.7.6

Browser based on Tor

Download Onion Browser
Splashtop Remote Desktop English

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Access your Windows or Mac remotely

Download Splashtop
VooMote Zapper 2.0 English

VooMote Zapper 2.0

Control any TV or player with your iPhone

Download VooMote Zapper
Yandex Browser English

Yandex Browser

The browser by Google's Russian competition

Download Yandex Browser
Official Kodi Remote 1.5.7 English

Official Kodi Remote 1.5.7

Remote control app for Kodi

Download Official Kodi Remote
Puffin Web Browser 5.1.1 English

Puffin Web Browser 5.1.1

A speedy browser for iOS devices

Download Puffin Web Browser
Onavo Extend 2.1.6 English

Onavo Extend 2.1.6

Control your data plan at all times

Download Onavo Extend
Opera Coast 5.04 English

Opera Coast 5.04

Maybe the fastest and most appealing browser

Download Opera Coast
Skyfire 5.1.2 English

Skyfire 5.1.2

Play Flash on your iPhone

Download Skyfire
TeamViewer 12.0.80984 English

TeamViewer 12.3.81014

Install the best VNC client on iOS deviceS

Download TeamViewer
eDl Lite - Web Browser and File Manager 6.5 English

eDl Lite - Web Browser and File Manager 6.5

Useful web browser to download files

Download eDl Lite - Web Browser and File Manager
MediaFire 2.0.1 English

MediaFire 2.0.1

Access your files on the cloud easily, wherever you are

Download MediaFire