Cooking Applications and Recipes for iPhone

With these recipes and food applications you'll turn your iPhone into the best kitchen assistant. Prepare the best dishes and different cooking recipes

Beer Match 1.0 English

Beer Match 1.0

Find out what food and beers combine well

Download Beer Match
Drinks and Cocktails 10.0 English

Drinks and Cocktails 10.0

Transform your iPhone into the best barman

Download Drinks and Cocktails
Thermomix 1.4.2 English

Thermomix 1.4.2

Become a cook

Download Thermomix
Dinner Spinner 4.1 English

Dinner Spinner 4.1

The best cooking recipes in your pocket

Download Dinner Spinner
Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List 4.0.3 English

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List 4.0.3

The best help in the kitchen

Download Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
Evernote Food 2.5 English

Evernote Food 2.5

File and manage all your food experiences

Download Evernote Food
Jamie Oliver's Recipes 3.2.2 English

Jamie Oliver's Recipes 3.2.2

Now Jamie Oliver cooks for you

Download Jamie Oliver's Recipes
Kitchen Calculator 2.7 English

Kitchen Calculator 2.7

Unit converter for your cooking recipes

Download Kitchen Calculator
Metire 1.0 English

Metire 1.0

Ingredients converter for cooking recipes

Download Metire
Watch Food Network 1.1.1 English

Watch Food Network 1.1.1

Take Food Network's programs always with you

Download Watch Food Network
How To Make Sushi 1.0.1 English

How To Make Sushi 1.0.1

iPhone application with recipes to make sushi

Download How To Make Sushi
Kitchen Stories 6.0.3 English

Kitchen Stories 6.0.3

The best kitchen help

Download Kitchen Stories
Cookpad English

Cookpad 8.10.3

Huge collaborative recipe collection

Download Cookpad
Allthecooks 4.72 English

Allthecooks 4.72

Share your recipes with other users

Download Allthecooks
Moodnotes 1.1 English

Moodnotes 1.1

Track your humor changes

Download Moodnotes
Youmiam 5.2 English

Youmiam 5.2

iPhone application with cooking recipes and a chef community

Download Youmiam