Remote Control Applications for iPhone

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a comfortable remote control for your computer or other electronic household appliances with these remote control applications

VooMote Zapper 2.0 English

VooMote Zapper 2.0

Control any TV or player with your iPhone

Download VooMote Zapper
MacID 1.2 English

MacID 1.2

Unlock your Mac from your iPhone

Download MacID
TeamViewer 13.1.1548 English

TeamViewer 13.0.89402

Install the best VNC client on iOS deviceS

Download TeamViewer
iAmpRemote 1.9 English

iAmpRemote 1.9

Control Winamp remotely from an iPhone

Download iAmpRemote
Splashtop Remote Desktop English

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Access your Windows or Mac remotely

Download Splashtop
Philips MyRemote 4.40 English

Philips MyRemote 4.40

Control a Philips Smart LED TV from your iPhone

Download Philips MyRemote
Remote 4.2 English

Remote 4.2

Convert your device into a remote control for iTunes or Apple TV

Download Remote
jDRemote 1.0.1 English

jDRemote 1.0.1

Control JDownloader from an iPhone

Download jDRemote
Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.1.34 English

Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.1.34

Connect your iPhone to a PC

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop 1.0.10 English

Chrome Remote Desktop 1.0.10

Control any PC remotely

Download Chrome Remote Desktop
Official Kodi Remote 1.5.7 English

Official Kodi Remote 1.5.7

Remote control app for Kodi

Download Official Kodi Remote