Antivirus and Security Applications for iPhone

Protect the integrity of your information, your privacy and your smartphone with the help of different security applications you can download to Android

Find My iPhone 4.0 English

Find My iPhone 4.0

Search and find your iPhone

Download Find My iPhone
Hotspot Shield VPN 3.8.3 English

Hotspot Shield VPN 3.8.3

VPN app for iPhone to browse the Internet anonymously and privately

Download Hotspot Shield VPN
Opera VPN 2.1 English

Opera VPN 2.1

Safe and anonymous browsing on iOS

Download Opera VPN
KeepSafe 7.5 English

KeepSafe 7.5

Block access to videos and photos

Download KeepSafe
TunnelBear VPN 2.6.3 English

TunnelBear VPN 2.6.3

Browsing privately is simple

Download TunnelBear
VPN One Click 2.25 English

VPN One Click 2.25

How to browse privately

Download VPN One Click
VirusBarrier 1.6 English

VirusBarrier 1.6

Detect malware in the files of your iOS device

Download VirusBarrier
Spy Phone App 11.0 English

Spy Phone App 1.0

Register all your calls

Download Spy Phone App
Knock 1.0.3 English

Knock 1.0.3

Unlock your Mac without a password

Download Knock
MLock - Secure clouding messages 3.2 English

MLock - Secure clouding messages 3.2

Protect the privacy of your chats

Download MLock - Secure clouding messages
LEO Privacy Guard 2.2 English

LEO Privacy Guard 2.2

Protect your iPhone's multimedia gallery

Download LEO Privacy Guard
avast! SecureLine VPN 4.0.7 English

avast! SecureLine VPN 4.0.7

Open a safe communications line

Download avast! SecureLine VPN
IP Cam Viewer Pro 2.4.2 English

IP Cam Viewer Pro 2.4.2

View your security cameras on your iOS device

Download IP Cam Viewer
Locker Lite 1.2 English

Locker Lite 1.2

App to block access to files and other applications

Download Locker Lite
NowSecure 2.2 English

NowSecure 2.2

The best protection against unsafe applications

Download NowSecure
FingerLock 1.0.2 English

FingerKey 2.0.2

Unlock your Mac remotely

Download FingerKey
Surveillance App 1.4 English

Surveillance App 1.4

Set up a wireless surveillance system

Download Surveillance App
McAfee Security 2.2.1 English

McAfee Security 2.2.1

Turn your iPhone into a safe box

Download McAfee Security
Nero AirBurn 1.0.9 English

Nero AirBurn 1.0.14

Burn your iPhone's contents on a disc

Download Nero AirBurn
My Contacts Backup 2.3.3 English

My Contacts Backup 2.3.3

Keep a valuable backup of your contacts

Download My Contacts Backup
Secret Apps Lite 3.2.8 English

Secret Apps Lite 3.2.8

Restric the access to the apps on your phone

Download Secret Apps Lite
Don't Touch This 2.8 English

Don't Touch This 2.8

Make your iPhone much safer

Download Don't Touch This
Shryne 2.0.1 English

Shryne 2.0.1

Keep your most important memories in a safe place

Download Shryne
Dashlane 4.15.1 English

Dashlane 4.15.1

The best password manager on the market

Download Dashlane
IDrive 2.6.2 English

IDrive 2.6.2

Create backups on the cloud

Download IDrive
Shoebox 3.0.8 English

Shoebox 3.0.8

Assure all your photos with this app

Download Shoebox
iPassSafe 8.670 English

iPassSafe 8.670

App to manage passwords on your iPhone

Download iPassSafe
Keeper Password Manager English

Keeper 8.6.0

Manage your passwords in a safe manner

Download Keeper
Avira Mobile Security 1.5.13 English

Avira Mobile Security 1.5.13

An antivirus adapted to your iPhone

Download Avira Mobile Security
1Password 6.8.1 English

1Password 6.8.1

Excellent app for the safety of your passwords

Download 1Password
AT&T Mobile Transfer 3.0.24 English

AT&T Mobile Transfer 3.1.53

Copy your iPhone's data to other gadgets

Download AT&T Mobile Transfer
Latch 1.5.0 English

Latch 1.5.0

Extra protection for your online accounts

Download Latch
Avira Secure Backup English

Avira Secure Backup 1.05

Make backups of all your data and store them on the cloud

Download Avira Secure Backup
FaceCrypt 1.5 English

FaceCrypt 1.5

Facial recognition to protect your data

Download FaceCrypt
Faceless 2.0 English

Faceless 2.0

Browse securely and hide your IP

Download Faceless
Google Authenticator 2.3.0 English

Google Authenticator 2.3.0

More security for your Google account

Download Google Authenticator
Norton Online Family 1.30 English

Norton Online Family 1.30

Parental control app for iOS

Download Norton Online Family