Studies and Training Applications for iPhone

Manage to improve your study techniques and expand your knowledge about any topic with the help of the studies and training applications for iPhone

ElectroDroid Pro 1.1 English

ElectroDroid Pro 1.1

Dozens of electronic tools for your iPhone

Download ElectroDroid
iDoceo 4.2.1 English

iDoceo 4.2.1

Tool to organize a teacher's work

Download iDoceo
Write the Alphabet 1.8.2 English

Write the Alphabet 1.8.2

The ideal app to teach your kids to write

Download Write the Alphabet
Helpouts 1.0.2 English

Helpouts 1.0.2

Google's teaching platform

Download Helpouts
Chemical Substances 1.0 English

Chemical Substances 1.0

Build a stable bond between you and chemistry

Download Chemical Substances
iTunes U 3.4 English

iTunes U 3.4

Free courses and more than half a million educational texts at your disposal

Download iTunes U
Udemy 1.91 English

Udemy 1.91

Thousands of online courses on your smartphone

Download Udemy
Work Notebooks 2.0.5 English

Work Notebooks 2.0.5

Rubio notebooks in digital format

Download Work Notebooks
Tandem - Language Exchange 2.6.1 English

Tandem - Language Exchange 2.6.1

App to practice languages with native speakers

Download Tandem - Language Exchange
Let's Learn Emotions PRO 2.1 English

Let's Learn Emotions PRO 2.1

Find out who's crying with sadness or joy

Download Let's Learn Emotions PRO