Games for Linux

If you like playing on your computer, in this section you'll find games to download to Linux. Have fun on your PC with titles of different styles and genres

PlayOnLinux 4.2.10 English

PlayOnLinux 4.2.10

Run your favorite Windows games on Linux

Download PlayOnLinux
Minecraft 1.10.2 English

Minecraft 1.10.2

Create a virtual world with LEGO-type blocks

Download Minecraft
Super Mario War 1.8 Beta 2 English

Super Mario War 1.8 Beta 2

Nintendo's classic Super Mario is now a multiplayer fighting game

Download Super Mario War
WBFS Manager 0.1.12 English

WBFS Manager 0.1.12

WBFS graphical manager for Linux

Download WBFS Manager
VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2 English

VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2

Play with a GameBoy Advance on Linux

Download VisualBoyAdvance
BFruit 0.1.2 English

BFruit 0.1.2

Fruit machine for Linux

Download BFruit
Second Life English

Second Life

Live in an alternative virtual world

Download Second Life
BillardGL 1.75 English

BillardGL 1.75

Play a game of pool on your computer

Download BillardGL
Big Solitaires 3D 1.4 English

Big Solitaires 3D 1.4

40 versions of solitaire for Linux

Download Big Solitaires 3D
Torcs 1.3.7 English

Torcs 1.3.7

Free car races for Linux

Download Torcs
SuperTuxKart 0.9.1 English

SuperTuxKart 0.9.2

Go karting with Tux and his friends

Download SuperTuxKart
Scorched 3D 44 English

Scorched 3D 44

An addictive turn-based game with really nice graphics

Download Scorched 3D
Pokemon Online 2.4.1 English

Pokemon Online 2.6.2

Fight for victory with your Pokémons

Download Pokemon Online
ePSXe 1.9.25 English

ePSXe 1.9.25

PSX emulator for Linux

Download ePSXe
Dofus 2.3.6 English

Dofus 2.3.6

Get involved in a fantasy world with other online players

Download Dofus
gBrainy 2.2.2 English

gBrainy 2.2.2

Exercise your brain thanks to this great game

Download gBrainy
Performous 0.7.0 English

Performous 0.7.0

Compete against your friends with this great karaoke

Download Performous
DeSmuME 0.9.11 English

DeSmuME 0.9.11

Play the best Nintendo DS games

Download DeSmuME
DOSBox 0.74 English

DOSBox 0.74

Play classic MS-DOS games

Download DOSBox
Tremulous 1.1.0 English

Tremulous 1.1.0

Outstanding multiplayer FPS for Linux

Download Tremulous
Nexuiz 2.5.2 English

Nexuiz 2.5.2

Multiplayer shooter with highly elaborate graphics

Download Nexuiz
Raft 1.05 English

Raft 1.04

A Minecraft at high seas

Download Raft
Warsow 0.61 English

Warsow 0.61

Excellent free shooter that uses cel shading graphics

Download Warsow
Linux Gamers 0.9.7 English

Linux Gamers 0.9.7

The Linux distro to have fun

Download Linux Gamers
Yabause 0.9.12 English

Yabause 0.9.13

Emulator to play your old Sega Saturn games

Download Yabause
Quizzer 0.40 Beta English

Quizzer 0.40 Beta

Trivia game for Linux

Download Quizzer
GNOME Sudoku 3.2.1 English

GNOME Sudoku 3.2.1

Enhance your mental agility with this game

Download GNOME Sudoku
Mad Bomber 0.2.5 English

Mad Bomber 0.2.5

Prevent the city from exploding

Download Mad Bomber
Steam English


Your favorite game distribution platform

Download Steam
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 2.60b English

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 2.60b

Free shooter game for Linux

Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
ZSNES 1.51 English

ZSNES 1.51

Play classic Super Nintendo games once again

Download ZSNES
Eat the Whistle 3.6 English

Eat the Whistle 3.6

Live the football passion just like in the 90's

Download Eat the Whistle
Gnome Video Arcade 0.8.3 English

Gnome Video Arcade 0.8.3

Play your favorite arcade games

Download Gnome Video Arcade
Torus Trooper 0.22 Beta English

Torus Trooper 0.22 Beta

Simple and stunning game that will glue you to the screen

Download Torus Trooper
Barricade 4.0.0 English

Barricade 4.0.0

Reach the finish line and make sure your opponents don't make it

Download Barricade
Mupen64 0.5 English

Mupen64 0.5

Play classic Nintendo 64 games on your favorite distro

Download Mupen64
GKaraoke 0.2 Alpha English

GKaraoke 0.2 Alpha

Fantastic karaoke for GNOME environments

Download GKaraoke
PyChess 0.10.1 English

PyChess 0.10.1

Practice chess movements in this video game

Download PyChess
Blinken 0.2 English

Blinken 0.2

Digital version of Simon Says

Download Blinken
World of Goo 1.41 English

World of Goo 1.41

Save the balls of goo obeying the laws of physics

Download World of Goo