Software to listen to online radio and music on Linux

This software to listen to online radio and music on Linux allows you to make the most of all the possibilities offered by the content streaming

Aurous English

Aurous 0.1 Alpha

A hybrid between Spotify and Popcorn Time

Download Aurous 2.1.30 English 2.1.30

A different way to listen to music on the Internet

gSharkDown 0.7.0 English

gSharkDown 0.7.0

Listen to GrooveShark's songs and playlists

Download gSharkDown
Google Play Music Manager Beta English

Google Play Music Manager Beta

Upload music to your Google Play Music account

Download Google Play Music Manager
CoverGloobus 1.6 English

CoverGloobus 1.6

Shows your songs lyrics and cover on the desktop

Download CoverGloobus
Radio Tray 0.7.3 English

Radio Tray 0.7.3

Listen to the radio from your system tray

Download Radio Tray
gPodder 3.8.3 English

gPodder 3.8.3

Search for and download all the podcasts you want

Download gPodder
id3fs 1.0 English

id3fs 1.0

Index all your computer's music

Download id3fs
Google Music Frame 0.1 English

Google Music Frame 0.1

Integrate Google Music into your Ubuntu distribution

Download Google Music Frame
puddletag 1.0.0 English

puddletag 1.0.0

Edit for your music's tags

Download puddletag
Nuvola Player 2.3.0 English

Nuvola Player 2.3.0

Cloud music on the desktop of your Linux

Download Nuvola Player
Spotify English

Spotify Preview

Your favorite music also on Linux

Download Spotify
Tangerine 0.3.4 English

Tangerine 0.3.4

Share your music collection

Download Tangerine