Operating Systems for Linux

Here you'll find the tools you need to download to be able to apply any modification or adjustment to Linux operating systems and their different functions

BackTrack 5 R3 English

BackTrack 5 R3

Audit the security of your WiFi network

Download BackTrack
Beini 1.2.5 English

Beini 1.2.5

Get the password of any WiFi network

Download Beini
Elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki English

Elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki

The best design for a Linux distribution

Download Elementary OS
Knoppix 7.7.1 English

Knoppix 7.7.1

A LiveCD full of possibilities

Download Knoppix
Debian 9.1.0 English

Debian 9.1.0

Versatile Linux distro with thousands of packages

Download Debian
Kali Linux 2017.2 English

Kali Linux 2017.2

Distribution based on computer security

Download Kali Linux
CentOS 7.0.1503 English

CentOS 7.0.1503

Server-oriented Linux distribution

Download CentOS
Mandriva 2011.0 English

Mandriva 2011.0

Enjoy the free version of this powerful operating system

Download Mandriva
TimeShift 1.4.1 English

TimeShift 1.4.1

Tool to restore Linux

Download TimeShift
Gentoo 2015.09.29 English

Gentoo 2015.09.29

Powerful and very stable GNU distribution

Download Gentoo
LinEx 2011 English

LinEx 2011

Enjoy this operating system based on Linux

Download LinEx
Lin-X 1.1 English

Lin-X 1.1

Distro based on Ubuntu identical to Mac OS X

Download Lin-X
ReactOS 0.4.5 English

ReactOS 0.4.5

Operating system for Windows XP followers

Download ReactOS
Aptik 1.5 English

Aptik 1.5

Reinstall Ubuntu without losing the system's packages

Download Aptik
Linkat 4.0 English

Linkat 4.0

The Linux distro developed by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Download Linkat
Live Android 0.3 English

Live Android 0.3

Run Android on your computer

Download Live Android
Edubuntu 14.04.4 English

Edubuntu 14.04.4

Ubuntu focused on education

Download Edubuntu
Emmabuntüs 3 English

Emmabuntüs 3

Linux distribution based on Xubuntu

Download Emmabuntüs
CloudReady 51.1.172 English

CloudReady 51.1.172

A Chrome OS installer

Download CloudReady
Damn Small Linux 4.4.10 English

Damn Small Linux 4.4.10

Light operating system on LiveCD

Download Damn Small Linux
Linux Kernel 4.12 English

Linux Kernel 4.12

Latest stable version of the engine that runs all Linux distributions

Download Linux Kernel
Mythbuntu 12.04.3 English

Mythbuntu 12.04.3

Linux distribution aimed at Media Centers

Download Mythbuntu
DoudouLinux 2.1 Hyperborea English

DoudouLinux 2.1 Hyperborea

The operating system for kids

Download DoudouLinux
Lubuntu 17.04 English

Lubuntu 17.04

A fast distro that hardly consumes any resources

Download Lubuntu
Linux Lite 1.0.8 English

Linux Lite 1.0.8

A lightweight Linux for beginners

Download Linux Lite
Manjaro 17.1.0 English

Manjaro 17.1.0

Distro based on Arch Linux

Download Manjaro
Ubuntu Studio 16.04 English

Ubuntu Studio 16.04

Video, audio and image processing with Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu Studio
Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.6 English

Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.6

Analyze and repair your computer

Download Ultimate Boot CD
DD-WRT English


Free firmware for wireless routers

Download DD-WRT
Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya English

Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya

Distribution based on Ubuntu suitable for beginners

Download Linux Mint
Kubuntu 14.10 English

Kubuntu 14.10

KDE version of the best Linux of all

Download Kubuntu
gNewSense 3.0 English

gNewSense 3.0

The most loyal Linux distribution to its philosophy

Download gNewSense
IPCop 2.1.9 English

IPCop 2.1.9

A firewall for Linux

Download IPCop
Dreamlinux GNOME 3.5  English

Dreamlinux GNOME 3.5

Distribution based on Debian that's ready for any task

Download Dreamlinux
Chrome OS 1.3.932 RC English

Chrome OS 1.3.932 RC

An alternative version to Google's operating system

Download Chrome OS
Super Grub Disk 2.00 English

Super Grub Disk 2.00

Maintenance and solution of problems in the boot sector

Download Super Grub Disk
Synaptic 0.75.13 English

Synaptic 0.75.13

Get hold of all the programs and packs that you need

Download Synaptic
AstroGarrobo 0.2.0 Beta English

AstroGarrobo 0.2.0 Beta

Linux distribution for astronomy fans

Download AstroGarrobo
CLI Companion 1.1 English

CLI Companion 1.1

Useful help to use the command console

Download CLI Companion
Manhattan OS Radium Beta 1 English

Manhattan OS Radium Beta 1

The distribution that already includes everything you may need

Download Manhattan OS