Remote Control Software for Linux

This remote control software for Linux can help you to manage your computer remotely using other PCs or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

VNC 6.1.1 English

VNC 6.1.1

Connect to any computer remotely

Download VNC
NX Client 5.1.62 English

NX Server 4.2.25

A secure solution to access remote computers

Download NX Server
Eee-Control 0.9.7 English

Eee-Control 0.9.7

Tool to have control over your Asus Eee

Download Eee-Control
Remmina 0.9.3 English

Remmina 0.9.3

Access any computer remotely from your Linux

Download Remmina
Webmin 1.580 English

Webmin 1.580

Manage your system from the browser

Download Webmin
Rdesktop 1.7.1 English

Rdesktop 1.7.1

Remote access for Windows computers

Download Rdesktop
BluePad 0.4 English

BluePad 0.4

Control your computer by Bluetooth

Download BluePad