Instant Messaging Software for Mac

Chat and send text messages, documents and all sorts of files with the help of our instant messaging software for Mac. Download whatever you need

WhatsApp Messenger 0.2.6969 English

WhatsApp Messenger 0.2.6969

Instant messaging from the desktop of your macOS

Download WhatsApp Messenger
LINE 5.4.2 English

LINE 5.4.2

Free WhatsApp-style instant messaging service

Download LINE
WeChat 2.3.3 English

WeChat 2.3.3

The client of the messaging app that's the next big thing in Asia

Download WeChat
Messenger for Desktop 1.4.3 English

Messenger for Desktop 1.4.3

Facebook Messenger client for macOS

Download Messenger for Desktop
Supertab for WhatsApp 1.2 English

Supertab for WhatsApp 1.2

Use WhatsApp from your Mac's desktop

Download Supertab for WhatsApp
Snapped 0.1.4 Beta English

Snapped 0.1.4 Beta

Snapchat client for Mac

Download Snapped
Telegram 3.5.3 English

Telegram 3.5.3

Official client of the instant messaging application

Download Telegram
ooVoo English


An all-in-one VoIP and messaging application

Download ooVoo
KakaoTalk Messenger 1.4.1 English

KakaoTalk Messenger 1.4.1

A simple and funny multiplatform chat app

Download KakaoTalk Messenger
Messages for WhatsApp 1.0 English

Messages for WhatsApp 1.0

Take WhatsApp to your Mac

Download Messages for WhatsApp
DesktopApp for WhatsApp 3.2 English

DesktopApp for WhatsApp 3.2

Alternative to WhatsApp Web for Mac

Download DesktopApp for WhatsApp
Proteus 4.2.2 English

Proteus 4.2.2

Simple multi-protocol instant messaging client

Download Proteus
WhatsMac 1.0 English

WhatsMac 1.0

Your WhatsApp client for Mac

Download WhatsMac
DesktopChat for WhatsApp 1.3.5 English

DesktopChat for WhatsApp 1.3.5

WhatsApp on your Mac's desktop

Download DesktopChat for WhatsApp
ChatApp for WhatsApp 1.6 English

ChatApp for WhatsApp 1.6

WhatsApp client for Mac

Download ChatApp for WhatsApp
Adium 1.5.9 English

Adium 1.5.9

Multiple-network instant messaging system with lots of options

Download Adium
Trillian 6.0 English

Trillian 6.0

Your messaging services and social networks from a single interface

Download Trillian
WhatsApp Pocket 4.8.0 English

WhatsApp Pocket 4.8.0

Save your WhatsApp chats on your Mac

Download WhatsApp Pocket
Microsoft Messenger 8.0.1 English

Microsoft Messenger 8.0.1

One of the most popular instant messaging clients

Download Microsoft Messenger
aMSN 0.98.9 English

aMSN 0.98.9

Instant messaging client compatible with Messenger

Download aMSN
Qnext Beta English

Qnext Beta

Multiprotocol messaging client with some interesting extras

Download Qnext
Yahoo! Messenger 3.0.2 build 235554 English

Yahoo! Messenger 3.0.2 build 235554

Practical and appealing instant messaging client

Download Yahoo! Messenger
Chax 3.0.2 English

Chax 3.0.2

Add new improved functions to iChat

Download Chax
Cutegram 2.7.1 English

Cutegram 2.7.1

The best Telegram client for Mac

Download Cutegram
Messages Beta English

Messages Beta

The substitute of iChat for Mountain Lion

Download Messages
Messenger for Telegram 3.0 (84608) English

Messenger for Telegram 3.0 (84608)

Telegram client for Mac OS X

Download Messenger for Telegram
Hibari 1.5.9 English

Hibari 1.5.9

The most elegant Twitter client

Download Hibari
Slack 2.8.0 English

Slack 2.8.0

Communications optimized for workspaces

Download Slack
Bleep 1.0.631 English

Bleep 1.0.631

Safer messaging thanks to P2P

Download Bleep
Franz 4.0.0 English

Franz 4.0.0

An application that grants access to different messaging services

Download Franz
Tor Messenger 0.5.0b1 English

Tor Messenger 0.5.0b1

Protect your communications with Tor

Download Tor Messenger