Software to listen to online radio and music on Mac

You won't download any music ever again once you've tried out our selection of software to listen to online radio stations and music via streaming

TIDAL English


Hi-Fi online music

Download TIDAL
Aurous English


Music via streaming without adverts

Download Aurous
Google Play Music Manager English

Google Play Music Manager

Upload your songs to Google Music

Download Google Play Music Manager
STAMP Lite 4.2.2 English

STAMP Lite 4.2.2

Import your playlists to Apple Music

Download STAMP
Snowtape English


Listen and record 800 different radio stations on the Internet

Download Snowtape
Grooveshark Desktop 0.04 English

Grooveshark Desktop 0.04

Listen to Grooveshark music on your desktop

Download Grooveshark Desktop
Fluke 0.2.5b English

Fluke 0.2.5b

Manage to play FLAC files on iTunes

Download Fluke
FStream 1.4.6 English

FStream 1.4.6

All the radio broadcast in the world available from your desktop

Download FStream
Radioshift 1.6.5 English

Radioshift 1.6.5

The best way to listen to online radio

Download Radioshift
Spotify English


One of the greatest revolutions of the music industry

Download Spotify
Amua 0.6.2 English

Amua 0.6.2

Small client to manage the music

Download Amua
Smutefy 1.0.4 English

Smutefy 1.0.4

Detect and mute Spotify advertisements

Download Smutefy
Peel 2.0 English

Peel 2.0

Enjoy your music blogs as never before

Download Peel
SweetFM 2.0.4 English

SweetFM 2.0.4

Magnificent desktop client for

Download SweetFM 2.1.36 English 2.1.36

Listen to online music and find new artists

CloudPlay 1.1 English

CloudPlay 1.1

Listen to the best music from the menu bar of your Mac

Download CloudPlay
Amazon Music English

Amazon Music

Manage the music you purchase on Amazon

Download Amazon Music
Beatport Pro 2.1.1 English

Beatport Pro 2.1.1

Extend and organize your electronic music collection

Download Beatport
myTuner Radio 1.7 English

myTuner Radio 1.7

Tune into any radio station on your Mac

Download myTuner Radio
Shazam 1.2.4 English

Shazam 1.2.4

Find out what song is playing

Download Shazam
Spotifree English


Application to mute Spotify adverts

Download Spotifree