Security Software for Mac

Keep your Mac totally protected against all sorts of malware, losses of information and malicious agents that want to spy on you with this security software

AdwareMedic 2.2.7 English

AdwareMedic 2.2.7

Efficient tool to get rid of adware

Download AdwareMedic
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.2.6 English

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.2.6

The Mac version of Malwarebytes

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
BitDefender Antivirus English

BitDefender Antivirus

Complete security for Mac platforms

Download BitDefender Antivirus
Deep Freeze Standard 6.00 English

Deep Freeze Standard 6.00

Protect your Mac by freezing its status

Download Deep Freeze
Avast Free Mac Security Antivirus 2016 12.7 English

Avast Free Mac Security Antivirus 2016 12.7

Version for macOS of one the most popular antiviruses in the world

Download Avast Free Mac Security Antivirus
ClamXav 2.8.9 English

ClamXav 2.8.9

A totally free and efficient antivirus

Download ClamXav
Disk Drill 3.0.756 English

Disk Drill 3.0.756

Become an expert recoverer of Mac files

Download Disk Drill
Panda Antivirus 10.7.10 English

Panda Antivirus 10.7.10

Protect your computer with a powerful antivirus

Download Panda Antivirus
MacScan 3.0.0 English

MacScan 3.0.0

Detect all the spyware that is hosted on your Mac

Download MacScan
Kaspersky Anti-Virus English

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Protect your computer from virus attacks

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Norton AntiVirus 12.3 English

Norton AntiVirus 12.3

Protect your Mac from malware

Download Norton AntiVirus
Winclone 2.2 English

Winclone 2.2

Create backups of your Boot Camp partitions

Download Winclone
McAfee Security English

McAfee Security

Professional security solution for Apple's computers

Download McAfee Security
FileSalvage 9.1 English

FileSalvage 9.1

Recover deleted files

Download FileSalvage
Combo Cleaner 1.1 English

Combo Cleaner 1.1

A comprehensive security and cleaning tool for Mac

Download Combo Cleaner
Dr. Safety 1.8.0 English

Dr. Safety 1.8.0

Efficient tool to protect your Mac

Download Dr. Safety
Lion Recovery Disk Assistant 1.0 English

Lion Recovery Disk Assistant 1.0

Create a Lion recovery disc on an external hard drive or USB

Download Lion Recovery Disk Assistant
ESET Cybersecurity PRO English

ESET Cybersecurity PRO

Antivirus security suite for Mac

Download ESET Cybersecurity PRO
Bitdefender Virus Scanner 3.6 English

Bitdefender Virus Scanner 3.6

Scan your Mac searching for viruses

Download Bitdefender Virus Scanner
321Soft iPhone Data Recovery English

321Soft iPhone Data Recovery

Recover your iPhone's files from your Mac

Download 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery
321Soft Data Recovery Express English

321Soft Data Recovery Express

Recover the files you've lost on your Mac

Download 321Soft Data Recovery Express
AVG AntiVirus 17.1 English

AVG AntiVirus 17.1

AVG's free protection for Mac

Download AVG AntiVirus
Avira Mac Security English

Avira Mac Security

The best free protection for your Mac computer

Download Avira Mac Security
OrganizeX Lite 2.1.5 English

OrganizeX Lite 2.1.5

Manage your accounts, licenses and banking data

Download OrganizeX
Wallet 3.2.4 English

Wallet 3.2.4

Protect any personal data with the maximum efficiency

Download Wallet
Abracadabra 1.2 English

Abracadabra 1.2

Hide your private folders and files

Download Abracadabra
DoorStop X 2.4 English

DoorStop X 2.4

Great firewall for your Mac

Download DoorStop X
Little Snitch 3.5.2 English

Little Snitch 3.5.2

Protect your computer's privacy

Download Little Snitch
iAntiVirus 1.1.4 English

iAntiVirus 1.1.4

Protect your Mac against all kinds of viruses

Download iAntiVirus
Hider 2 2.2.4 English

Hider 2 2.2.4

Block and hide private information

Download Hider 2
Data Recovery for Mac English

Data Recovery for Mac

Data recovery software for your Mac

Download Data Recovery for Mac
SD Card Recovery English

SD Card Recovery

Recover your data in a simple manner

Download SD Card Recovery
iBackup Extractor 2.25 English

iBackup Extractor 2.16

Extract backups from iTunes by syncing your iOS device

Download iBackup Extractor
Encrypto 1.3 English

Encrypto 1.3

File encrypter for Mac

Download Encrypto
Wondershare Data Recovery 3.6.2 English

Wondershare Data Recovery 3.6.2

Recover files deleted accidentally

Download Wondershare Data Recovery
KeyLemon 2.7.5 English

KeyLemon 2.7.5

Access your Mac by facial recognition

Download KeyLemon
1Password 6.8 English

1Password 6.8

One password to control all your user profiles

Download 1Password
LastPass 3.17 English

LastPass 3.17

The safest password manager for Mac

Download LastPass
Keeper Password Manager English

Keeper 8.2.3

A meeting point for your passwords

Download Keeper
FingerLock 1.0.2 English

FingerLock 1.0.2

Unlock your Mac from your iPhone

Download FingerLock