360 Security Antivirus Android

360 Security Antivirus is the app that perfectly combines performance and security and that helps you to keep your phone's functions in the best condition

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Having a phone that works at full throttle mainly depends on having a good optimization tool. This is the case of 360 Security Antivirus, that works on three different aspects of our terminal:

  • Speed: it closes unnecessary active memory processes to increase the speed and reduce our battery consumption.
  • Cleaning: it gets rid of junk files to release more storage space.
  • Antivirus: it scans and removes all sorts of malware as well as patching vulnerabilities.

A phone in perfect condition

With this tool you'll make sure that you'll have a phone that works at full throttle, both in terms of process execution speed and functional capacity and security.

Data safety is one of its priorities.

It's precisely the safety aspect that is one of the key elements of this application, as it focuses on protecting both the device and the information it contains. In other words, our privacy.

With over 50 million downloads, 360 Security is a safe bet.

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