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AppLock is the app for Android smartphones that provides us with an extra security layer for all our applications in which privacy is a major concern

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How to hack AppLock

If you want to recover the access to files or applications protected by AppLock, you can consider hacking the app, although that basically means uninstalling it. This methods works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later.

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How AppLock works

AppLock is an application that blocks the access to different areas of a smartphone or tablet: applications, functions of the operating system, folders, files stored on our phone such as photos, and other specific functions, even being able to prevent the access to certain applications (chat conversations, for instance). All in all, it expands the features of Android with regard to the access to functions of the operating system, making them more accessible from an app.

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How to configure AppLock

The configuration of AppLock can be carried out from two different menus within the application. We can access them from the interface’s upper toolbar and by clicking on either of them we can access two different menus. They can be configured from the Privacy tab and from the Protect tab:

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