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Auto Pilot Mode is a tool that lets you automatically activate the airplane mode whenever you don't have a signal. You can save battery with Auto Pilot Mode

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Under certain circumstances, our smartphone's battery runs out much quicker. This may happen because we move around low-coverage areas and our phone is continuously searching a signal, with the subsequent battery consumption. To avoid this problem, we can use Auto Pilot Mode.

More battery life for your Android in low-signal areas.

How it works

In the first place, we have to configure Auto Pilot Mode, telling it when the airplane mode has to be enabled: below which signal threshold and for how long. For instance, when we have a signal with level 3 for 15 seconds, the airplane mode will activate automatically. We can also tell it to enable the Wi-Fi connection or to check if we've recovered our signal every now and again.

Auto Pilot Mode offers us a way of making our battery last longer, especially when we travel by car or through locations with hardly any signal.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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