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DU Antivirus comes along as the perfect shield to protect your Android and your privacy: it scans the system searching for malware and protects your apps

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Security is a fundamental aspect in Android smartphones and tablets. Applications like DU Antivirus are essential to guarantee different aspects of our security.

Several types of protection in a single app.

This tool provides protection for the operating system with a real-time antivirus, but also for the user's information and the device's integrity thanks to its privacy protection system and antitheft functions.

Main features of this antivirus and app blocker

  • Virus analysis.
  • Password-based application blocker.
  • Real-time system protection.
  • Internal (phone and SD card) and cloud storage analysis.
  • Encryption and protection of images and videos.
  • Picture taken with the front camera each time an erroneous PIN is inserted to identify the intruder.
  • Smart battery charging.

Don't think twice: protect yourself against viruses, malware, spyware and other kinds of threats.

DU Antivirus
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