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Hello Neighbor is terror game for Windows PCs in which you have to sneak into your neighbor's house to discover the secret he hides in his basement

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What is Hello Neighbor?

Hello Neighbor is an indie adventure and strategy video game for PC developed by Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild. It comes along with graphics that will probably remind you of the style used by Pixar, the popular animated movie producer behind films of the likes of Toy Story. Set in a world of stealth and horror, our target is to break into our neighbor’s house and go down to his basement without getting caught in order to reveal the terrible secrets hidden thereby. It’s a game belonging to the stealth horror genre which has become tremendously popular as of lately due to other titles such as those belonging to the Five Nights at Freddy’s saga.

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How Hello Neighbor works

Hello Neighbor is a game that works just like some of the greatest classics of the action and adventure genre which are developed in a first-person view. To start off, the player has to break into his neighbor’s house with the intention to get down to the basement to find out what secrets he may be hiding.

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How to download Hello Neighbor

There are several ways to download Hello Neighbor, but that will depend on the version that the user is looking for:

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