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iTube is the Android application you need on your phone to download videos and music from YouTube and create your own playlists to listen to offline

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Is iTube legal?

If we read carefully the terms of use of YouTube as well as Google, we can definitely say that iTube isn’t legal. Mainly because any contents shared on YouTube is managed by the platform according to a lease of rights explained on the legal notice that we all say that we’ve read when we register to use this service (and the mere use of the latter involves accepting its rules).

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How to get iTube on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

To download and install iTube on your iPhone or iPad, you have to follow these simple steps:

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How iTube works

The functioning of iTube is based on downloading videos the very first time they are played. That means that you only have to search for a video and play it to be able to download it to your mobile device automatically. Its developers explain that this is a great way to save bandwidth and consume less data.

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