MegaDownloader is the unofficial file download manager for Mega with which you can organize the download of all files from this online storage service

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How to download MegaDownloader

Wondering how to download MegaDownloader? Luckily enough for you, that question is easy to answer, not like other things in life.

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How to use MegaDownloader

To use MegaDownloader, the first thing to do is configure it appropriately. For such purpose, you’ll have to access its settings panel from Options > Configuration. You can also get there from the cogwheel icon that you’ll find on the upper right hand-side of the user interface. In any case, the first time you run the program, the latter will open automatically so that you can establish all the settings necessary to optimize the downloads.

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Is MegaDownloader free?

Yes, MegaDownloader is a free program. It can be downloaded for free, used for free, and it doesn’t include any adverts either. However, as indicated by its developers regarding its license for free use, the program is provided just as it is. That means that since you don’t have to pay anything to use it, you aren’t offered any guarantees and the developers do not assume and responsibilities for the application’s use.

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