MegaDownloader is the unofficial file download manager for Mega with which you can organize the download of all files from this online storage service

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How to download MegaDownloader

Wondering how to download MegaDownloader? Luckily enough for you, that question is easy to answer, not like other things in life.

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How to install MegaDownloader

Finding it hard to get this download program working on your computer? Don’t know how to install MegaDownloader? We’ll show you how step by step so you’ll soon be able to see how easy it is to use.

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Is MegaDownloader safe?

MegaDownloader is a safe program even if your antivirus says otherwise. That’s at least what its developers state, who warn us that certain antimalware programs may detect it as a virus or as a Trojan container but that, in any case, that would be a false positive.

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