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Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet tool belonging to the Office suite with which you can work comfortably with tables, charts and macros from your PC

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How to lock cells in Excel

To be able to lock one or more cells in Excel, you only have to do the following:

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How to download Excel

To be able to download Excel, you’ll need to visit Microsoft’s official website and that of its famous office suite, Microsoft Office. You can do so by means of your browser or by pressing the green Download button you’ll find on Excel’s datasheet at Malavida which will also lead you to that web.

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How Excel works

How Excel works is based on handling huge volumes of data so that the latter, whether numerical or text, can be organized on spreadsheets or books, helping the user to take better decisions with all the information necessary at hand. Its interface is based on rows and columns, and where they cross, a space called a cell is generated and that’s where we’ll insert the data. The latter are used to work with the program, being able to complete them manually or by means of importing files in different formats, such as CSV. In order to present them so that they can be analyzed, these data can be summarized with previews, charts, and dynamic tables.

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