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The creation of multimedia presentations using slideshows has a name: Microsoft PowerPoint, Office's tool to bring your ideas to life and represent them

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How to use PowerPoint

One of the key aspects that have turned PowerPoint into one of the most popular programs when it comes to creating presentations has to do with how intuitive and simple it is to start using it. If this is your first contact with PowerPoint, here are a few instructions so you don’t get lost:

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How to convert PowerPoint to PDF

You can convert a slideshow into a PDF file. It’s as easy as following these steps:

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How to convert PDF to PowerPoint

PowerPoint doesn’t natively allow us to convert documents from PDF to its own format. Therefore, we have to resort to third-party applications. One of the most efficient ones is iLovePDF ( So, we’ll explain to you how to convert from PDF to PPTX format using this method:

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