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With the tools offered by Microsoft Publisher you can create your own publications and edit them: design the layout for all sorts of printed documents

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How to download Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a tool that belongs to the Microsoft Office suite. Therefore, to download it we have to resort to the Office 365 subscription service or get hold of the full Office 2016 package.

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How to convert PDF to Microsoft Publisher

To be able to convert file in PDF format to Microsoft Publisher format, we have to resort to third-party tools as Microsoft’s program doesn’t offer us the possibility to open a PDF and then save it in its own native format.

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What is Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is an editing program focused on creating printed documents and materials such as bulletins, envelopes, catalogs, leaflets, brochures, posters or calendars. It’s part of the Microsoft Office suite and can be purchased through the two versions offered of this office package: Office 356, in its Home and Personal versions, and Microsoft Office 2016, only within its Professional version. As you can imagine, it’s a commercial application that can be purchased by means of a monthly or annual subscription or a single payment together with the rest of tools of the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access…

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