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With SetCPU you can modify the functions of a rooted smartphone or tablet and adjust different parameters of its functioning depending on each situation

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If you've got a rooted Android device, whether a smartphone or tablet, SetCPU for root users can be very useful. With the APK of this application installed on your phone you can configure several aspects of your user preferences.

An app to configure your rooted phone or tablet

SetCPU allows the user to modify different Android configuration profiles under certain conditions:

  • When there are apps running.
  • When the phone is charging.
  • When the battery level drops under a certain threshold.
  • When the temperature is too high.
  • At specific moments of the day.

The truth is that it's quite simple to handle although you can always get hold of a tutorial or manual to help you to get to know all the ins and outs of this tool. Appropriate for both beginners and experts, it works with a wide range of ROMs and is compatible with HTC One, Samsung Galaxy or Nexus, among other phones.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The version of the application, as well as the size and version of the operating system, depend on the device on which it's installed.
  • This is a commercial application.
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