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How to use xVideoServiceThief

This video download client is very easy to use. How it works is very similar to that of other programs of the same nature, as is the case of aTube Catcher. But before you do anything, after you run the program for the very first time, it’s advisable to go to the lower part of the interface. That’s where you’ll find a box from where you’ll be able to configure the output folder. In other words, the location on your hard drive where you’ll save the videos you download by means of this software. Once you’ve done so, it works as follows:

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Is xVideoServiceThief free?

Both downloading and using xVideoServiceThief is totally free of charge. You can download the program from SourceForge (and also from Malavida), the software repository from where you can get hold of any file for free. However, this doesn’t necessarily means that the software is 100% free as it could be shareware, freemium or a version with limited function unless you pay a certain amount of money. But that’s not the case of this program, as you don’t have to pay a cent for download, installing and using this software.

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Is xVideoServiceThief safe?

xVideoServiceThief is a program that comes along with security measures so that you can’t download any old video from the Internet. Thus, you can prevent kids or any other users of your computer from using this program to access the download of inappropriate contents.

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