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You TV Player is the best Android application to watch TV on your phone via streaming with access to thousands of channels from all over the world

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How to install You TV Player for PC

Since there’s no such thing as a version developed for Windows, you’ll have to resort to the emulation of the Android application with any of the virtual machines available. We recommend you to use BlueStacks or Andy.

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How to install You TV Player on Android

You probably want to install You TV Player on your phone but you might have just realized that you can’t. As you already know, the application isn’t available in Google Play, and to find it you have to search in other places for its APK file. The reason is quite simple: it goes against some of the rules and regulations set by the guys at Mountain View for their application market store and, therefore, cannot offer this kind of app in Google Play.

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How to download You TV Player on Android

You TV Player is an application that, as you’ve probably realized, isn’t available in the Play Store, the official store for Android applications developed by Google. That’s basically because it doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of use of this service that are rather restrictive. That’s probably why you’re here so we’ll tell you how to get hold of this APK. However, you have to be very careful because you can find other applications in Google’s official store with a similar name that only try to make you believe that they’re the real thing so you download them and get flooded with invasive adverts.

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