Webapps in beta phase

Webapps under development. List of web applications that aren't completely finished but that we can use just like any other webapp

Videodropper Beta English

Download videos from YouTube and send them to your Dropbox

Weavly Beta English
Weavly Beta

Create music videos with YouTube and SoundCloud

Webogram Alpha English
Webogram Alpha

Telegram's unofficial web client

easel.ly Beta English
easel.ly Beta

Present your information by means of infographic designs

PipeBytes Beta English
PipeBytes Beta

Upload and share your files over the Internet very easily

VEO Video Converter Beta English

Online video format converter

TVphoon Beta English
TVphoon Beta

Free television on your browser

Friend or Foe Beta English

Everything about your Facebook

OpenLibra Beta English
OpenLibra Beta

Free library for books and technical manuals

BannerNow Beta English
BannerNow Beta

Create your own banners very easily

enThread Beta English
enThread Beta

Edit and share your photographs online

TwooglePlus Beta English

Share your Twitter activity via Google+

Passcreator 0.4 Beta English
Passcreator 0.4 Beta

Passwords in a single click

Sidengo Beta English
Sidengo Beta

Build your website in a few steps

Listiki Beta English
Listiki Beta

Create lists and share then with everybody

Tuenti Beta English
Tuenti Beta

A Spanish social network for youngsters

CardXC Beta English
CardXC Beta

Design and create business cards

Until AM 0.3.1 Beta English
Until AM 0.3.1 Beta

Mix music on your web browser

YouSendIt Beta English
YouSendIt Beta

Send files to other users from your browser

Artery Beta English
Artery Beta

Sell youir work online at minimum cost

Engagio Beta English
Engagio Beta

Your activities on social networks are now centralized

Guerrilla Mail Beta English

The disposable email service that allows attachments

TouristPath Beta English

Discover what to see at your next holiday destination

Megapass Beta English
Megapass Beta

Search engine for Mega

Tackk beta English
Tackk beta

Share multimedia contents on the Internet

AutoCAD 360 Beta English

Create, edit and share your designs from the browser

Mobincube Beta English
Mobincube Beta

Tool to create applications for mobile phones

Honey Beta English
Honey Beta

Share your labour information

AOL Reader Beta English

Quick and comfortable RSS reader

Bitly Feelings Beta English

The most expressive URL shortener

CloudConvert Beta English

Format converter on the cloud

Mush Beta English
Mush Beta

Social game that combines adventure and strategy elements

ExamTime Beta English
ExamTime Beta

Organize your study time efficiently

Solayo Beta English
Solayo Beta

Alternative to Spotify

Golden Manager Beta English

Online football manager game

PixiClip Beta English
PixiClip Beta

Tell whatever story you want with a drawing

Videva Beta English
Videva Beta

Platform that enriches the playback of music from YouTube

Baboom Beta English
Baboom Beta

Kim Dotcom's music streaming service

Playmoss Beta English
Playmoss Beta

A tool to organize your music online

Socialsu Beta English
Socialsu Beta

Search engine generated by users