Anti-malware for Windows

Analyze your computer searching for malware, clean infections and protection yourself against future threats with this anti-malware software for Windows

Mandiant Redline 1.5.0 English

Mandiant Redline 1.5.0

Audit your computer in search of malware

Download Mandiant Redline
BitDefender USB Immunizer English

BitDefender USB Immunizer

Eliminate malicious auto-executable files from your USB pendrives

Download BitDefender USB Immunizer
OWASP Mantra Lexicon 12.0 English

OWASP Mantra Lexicon 12.0

A pack of tools to check a website's security

Download OWASP Mantra
RogueKiller English


Wipe out fake antiviruses

Download RogueKiller
RansomFree English


Protect your computer against ransomware

Download RansomFree
NETGATE Internet Security 7.0.905.0 English

NETGATE Internet Security 7.0.905.0

Protect your computer from Internet threats and keep your privacy safe

Download NETGATE Internet Security
Virus Effect Remover English

Virus Effect Remover

Completely erase any track left by a virus

Download Virus Effect Remover
Browser Hijack Retaliator English

Browser Hijack Retaliator

Eliminate possible threats from Internet Explorer

Download Browser Hijack Retaliator
BHO Remover 4.5 English

BHO Remover 4.5

Clear malicious BHO files out of your system

Download BHO Remover
Windows Process Security English

Windows Process Security

Provides information about the active processes on your computer

Download Windows Process Security
Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Pro English

Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Pro

Protect your computer against malware

Download Secure Hunter Anti-Malware
The Cleaner 9 English

The Cleaner 9

Find and eliminate any threat coming from the Internet

Download The Cleaner
HijackThis 2.0.4 English

HijackThis 2.0.4

Make sure no malware carries out any changes on your system

Download HijackThis
a-squared Anti-Dialer English

a-squared Anti-Dialer

Provides a free protection against dialers

Download a-squared Anti-Dialer
a-squared Free English

a-squared Free

Clear your computer of malware, worms and trojans for free

Download a-squared Free
a-squared Anti-Malware English

a-squared Anti-Malware

Easily eliminate malware from your computer

Download a-squared Anti-Malware
AOL Active Security Monitor English

AOL Active Security Monitor

Check the security level of your PC very easily

Download AOL Active Security Monitor
Winpooch Watchdog 0.6.6 English

Winpooch Watchdog 0.6.6

Make sure your programs don't carry out dangerous operations

Download Winpooch Watchdog
Digisoft AntiDialer 2.0.0 English

Digisoft AntiDialer 2.0.0

Avoid your modem connecting to numbers you haven't configured

Download Digisoft AntiDialer
RogueRemover Free 1.24 English

RogueRemover Free 1.24

Remove false antivirus alarms from your computer

Download RogueRemover
Dialer Control English

Dialer Control

Find and remove the dailers your have on your PC

Download Dialer Control
EULAlyzer 2.2 Personal English

EULAlyzer 2.2 Personal

Analyze the license agreements to uncover dishonest software

Download EULAlyzer
WOT Internet Explorer 20130902 English

WOT Internet Explorer 20130902

Discover if a website is dangerous with this plug-in

Download WOT Internet Explorer
Remove Fake Antivirus 1.92 English

Remove Fake Antivirus 1.92

Uninstall false antiviruses that are really malware

Download Remove Fake Antivirus
FileASSASSIN 1.06 English


Unblock and eliminate the malicious and unwanted files from your computer.

Download FileASSASSIN
Sandboxie 5.14 English

Sandboxie 5.14

Delete the trail of programs to avoid infections

Download Sandboxie
Norton Power Eraser English

Norton Power Eraser

The last chance to remove viruses

Download Norton Power Eraser
WinMend System Doctor 1.6.7 English

WinMend System Doctor 1.6.7

Detect vulnerabilities on your computer

Download WinMend System Doctor
Browser Guard 2011 3.0.1009 Beta English

Browser Guard 2011 3.0.1009 Beta

Protect Internet Explorer against JavaScript code attacks

Download Browser Guard
BitDefender GameSafe 11.0.17 English

BitDefender GameSafe 11.0.17

Greater security when you play with your PC

Download BitDefender GameSafe
RKill English


Put a halt to all the dangerous processes that run in the background

Download RKill
System Security Guard English

System Security Guard

Check your computer's processes

Download System Security Guard
WinLockLess 0.3 English

WinLockLess 0.3

Prevent malware from taking control of your PC

Download WinLockLess
Preventon Pro 5.5.65 English

Preventon Pro 5.5.65

Protection against Internet dangers and malware

Download Preventon
Trend Micro RUBotted 2.0 Beta English

Trend Micro RUBotted 2.0 Beta

Protect your computer against bot attacks

Download Trend Micro RUBotted
Malware Hunter English

Malware Hunter

A malware hunter for your computer

Download Malware Hunter