Sound and Music Production Software for Windows

The best selection of audio and music production software for Windows with which you'll be able to mix songs, create sounds and edit audio files

Virtual DJ 8.2.3994 English

Virtual DJ 8.2.3994

The most complete free software for DJs

Download Virtual DJ
Cubase Pro 9.5 English

Cubase Pro 9.5

The most powerful DAW on the market

Download Cubase
FL Studio Fruity Loops English

FL Studio Fruity Loops

Powerful DAW to compose music on your PC

Download FL Studio
Adobe Audition CC 2017 English

Adobe Audition CC 2017

Adobe's audio sequencer

Download Adobe Audition
Audacity 2.2.0 English

Audacity 2.2.0

The best free audio editor and recorder

Download Audacity
Traktor PRO 2.11.0 English

Traktor PRO 2.11.0

The best software for DJs

Download Traktor
Pro Tools 11 English

Pro Tools 11

Leading audio workstation on the market

Download Pro Tools
Studio One 3.5 Free English

Studio One 3.5 Free

A DAW on the rise

Download Studio One
Nuendo 7.0 English

Nuendo 7.0

Post-production software for audio

Download Nuendo
Antares Auto-Tune 8.1.8 English

Antares Auto-Tune 8.1.8

Solve any tune and tempo problem

Download Antares Auto-Tune
Dolby Access 2.0.463 English

Dolby Access 2.0.463

Surrounding sound on your PC

Download Dolby Access
AutoTune 2.31 English

AutoTune 2.31

Automatically fine tune the tone of your audio samples

Download AutoTune
Massive 1.3.0 English

Massive 1.3.0

The best synthesizer by Native Instruments

Download Massive
Numark CUE 5.0 R2 English

Numark CUE 5.0 R2

Excellent professional application to create and record your mixes

Download Numark CUE
Synthesia 0.8.1 English

Synthesia 0.8.1

Learn how to play the piano while having fun

Download Synthesia
StaffPad English


Advanced software for music writing

Download StaffPad
ACID Music Studio 9.0 English

ACID Music Studio 9.0

Simple solution to create your own music

Download ACID Music Studio
Encore English


One of the best applications for music notation

Download Encore
MULAB Free 5.3.25 English

MULAB Free 5.3.25

Virtual audio studio with advanced functions

Download MULAB
Finale 2012 English

Finale 2012

Advanced tool to compose scores

Download Finale
Overture 4.1.5 English

Overture 4.1.5

Create your scores and play them with VST instruments

Download Overture
Minimoog V 2.0 English

Minimoog V 2.0

Enjoy the real Moog sound on your PC

Download Minimoog V
Virtual Midi Controller 3.2 English

Virtual Midi Controller 3.2

Virtual MIDI keyboard for PC

Download Virtual Midi Controller
Sibelius 7.5.1 English

Sibelius 7.5.1

A musical notation program aimed at professionals

Download Sibelius
Reason 6.5.3 English

Reason 6.5.3

Complete study to create music compositions

Download Reason
ReCycle! 2.2.4 English

ReCycle! 2.2.4

Split your audio loops as comfortably as possible

Download ReCycle!
BPM Studio English

BPM Studio

Professional program for audio mixing

Download BPM Studio
Music Maker 2016 English

Music Maker 2016

An ideal program for non-professional musicians

Download Music Maker
PCDJ Red Mobile 2.0 English

PCDJ Red Mobile 2.0

A simple tool to mix your favorite tracks

Download PCDJ Red
Sony ACID Pro 7.0e English

Sony ACID Pro 7.0e

Create all sorts of compositions by means of loops

Download Sony ACID Pro
Jokosher 0.11.4 English

Jokosher 0.11.4

A complete audio editor suitable for any user

Download Jokosher
SONAR X1 Producer Trial English

SONAR X1 Producer Trial

Cakewalk's audio sequencer

Download SONAR
SoundBooth CS5 English

SoundBooth CS5

An audio editor with all the tools a professional can require

Download SoundBooth
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 9.7 English

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 9.7

Rip your DVDs on your new devices

Download WonderFox DVD Ripper
MIDI Editor 1.3.2 English

MIDI Editor 1.3.2

Powerful and practical MIDI melody editor

Download MIDI Editor
Bitwig Studio 2.0 English

Bitwig Studio 2.0

The sequencer that allows collaborative work

Download Bitwig Studio
Samplitude Music Studio 2014 English

Samplitude Music Studio 2014

All the music production tools you need

Download Samplitude
Melodyne 2.1.2 Editor English

Melodyne 2.1.2 Editor

Edit polyphonic audio as if it were MIDI

Download Melodyne
Oddity 1.14 English

Oddity 1.14

Virtual emulator of the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer

Download Oddity
Ejay Dance 7 English

Ejay Dance 7

Editor to create your own dance songs

Download Ejay Dance