Sound and Music Production Software for Windows (Page 4)

The best selection of audio and music production software for Windows with which you'll be able to mix songs, create sounds and edit audio files

TuneSmith 4.0 English

TuneSmith 4.0

Composition and management of your songs

Download TuneSmith
Sound In Depth English

Sound In Depth

Edit audio in the easiest and most direct way

Download Sound In Depth
BestPractice 1.03.1 English

BestPractice 1.03.1

Change the tempo and tone of any song in real time

Download BestPractice
Free MP3 Sound Recorder 1.9 English

Free MP3 Sound Recorder 1.9

Powerful program to record audio from any sound source

Download Free MP3 Sound Recorder
AV MP3 Music Morpher 4.0.100 English

AV MP3 Music Morpher 4.0.100

Complete digital studio to apply effects

Download AV MP3 Music Morpher
MixVibes CROSS 1.6.0 English

MixVibes CROSS 1.6.0

Easy-to-use professional deejaying program

Download MixVibes CROSS
TuxGuitar 1.3.1 English

TuxGuitar 1.3.1

Create and edit your own guitar tabs

Download TuxGuitar
Free Sound Recorder 10.5.6 English

Free Sound Recorder 10.5.6

Record any audio input source in MP3, WMA or WAV

Download Free Sound Recorder
Ashampoo MP3 AudioCenter 1.70 English

Ashampoo MP3 AudioCenter 1.70

Comprehensive application to work with audio files

Download Ashampoo MP3 AudioCenter
Stem Creator English

Stem Creator

The editor for audio files in Stem format

Download Stem Creator
Ordrumbox 0.9.34 English

Ordrumbox 0.9.34

Create songs by means of rhythmic patterns

Download Ordrumbox
microKORG XL Sound Editor 1.0.0 English

microKORG XL Sound Editor 1.0.0

Manage your KORG instrument from a PC

Download microKORG
Free MP3 Editor 1.2.7 English

Free MP3 Editor 1.2.7

Edit and record audio on your PC

Download Free MP3 Editor
Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.7 English

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.7

Edit WAV and MP3 files

Download Free MP3 Cutter and Editor
Chord Scale Generator 1.3 English

Chord Scale Generator 1.3

All the scales and chords a your reach

Download Chord Scale Generator
All Sound Recorder Vista 1.30 English

All Sound Recorder Vista 1.30

Record your PC's audio signals

Download All Sound Recorder Vista
Record 1.5.1 English

Record 1.5.1

Easily record your music performances

Download Record
Chords! 1.0 English

Chords! 1.0

The easiest way to view the guitar tabs of any song

Download Chords!
CyberPower Audio Editing Lab 15.2.2 English

CyberPower Audio Editing Lab 15.2.2

Easy-to-use audio editor with dozens of functions

Download CyberPower Audio Editing Lab
GoldWave 5.67 English

GoldWave 5.67

Record, edit, play and convert all sorts of sound files

Download GoldWave
Acoustica Premium 6.0.19 English

Acoustica Premium 6.0.19

Edit your audio files with dozens of different tools

Download Acoustica
Nucleus 3.0.1 English

Nucleus 3.0.1

Excellent SoundFont player

Download Nucleus
DarkWave Studio 5.5.8 English

DarkWave Studio 5.5.8

Workstation to create your own music tracks

Download DarkWave Studio
RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.2.5 English

RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.2.5

Analyze the audio signal quality of any device

Download RightMark Audio Analyzer
trakAxPC 5.00.202 English

trakAxPC 5.00.202

High-quality audio sequencer

Download trakAxPC
Music Rescue 4.5 English

Music Rescue 4.5

Recover all the music you have on your iPod

Download Music Rescue
WaveEdit 1.0 English

WaveEdit 1.0

Edit your WAV files very easily

Download WaveEdit
Ashampoo Music Studio 6.0.1 English

Ashampoo Music Studio 6.0.1

Manage your entire music collection in digital format

Download Ashampoo Music Studio
Solfege 3.18.8 English

Solfege 3.18.8

Learn or remember everything you need to know about sol-fa

Download Solfege
mp3DirectCut 2.22 English

mp3DirectCut 2.22

A simple and efficient MP3 file editor

Download mp3DirectCut
Active Audio Record Component 2.0 English

Active Audio Record Component 2.0

Add sound recording functions to programs

Download Active Audio Record Component
Simple Synths English

Simple Synths

Free Ableton Live Pack

Download Simple Synths
SoundSaver 1.0.1 English

SoundSaver 1.0.1

Store your music collection on your computer

Download SoundSaver
Renoise 3.1.0 English

Renoise 3.1.0

Create your music with this DAW based on trackers

Download Renoise
DJ Mixer Express 2.0.3 English

DJ Mixer Express 2.0.3

Comprehensive mixing software for DJs

Download DJ Mixer
Free Audio Recorder 6.5.8 English

Free Audio Recorder 6.5.8

Record any sound from your PC

Download Free Audio Recorder
AudioRetoucher English


Modify the tempo and pitch of any song in real time

Download AudioRetoucher
BPM Analyzer 1.0.1 English

BPM Analyzer 1.0.1

Quickly find out the tempo of any song

Download BPM Analyzer
Harmony Assistant 9.6.0f English

Harmony Assistant 9.6.0f

Excellent program for musical notation and creation

Download Harmony Assistant
PianoRollComposer 2.52 English

PianoRollComposer 2.52

Use a Piano Roll to create your songs

Download PianoRollComposer