Sound and Music Production Software for Windows (Page 5)

The best selection of audio and music production software for Windows with which you'll be able to mix songs, create sounds and edit audio files

Convert MP4 to MP3 1.1 English

Convert MP4 to MP3 1.1

Extract audio from videos in MP3 format

Download Convert MP4 to MP3
Active Audio Record Component 2.0 English

Active Audio Record Component 2.0

Add sound recording functions to programs

Download Active Audio Record Component
Giada 0.11.1 English

Giada 0.11.1

Drum machine with GPL license

Download Giada
DJ Audio Editor 4.8 English

DJ Audio Editor 4.8

Audio editor loaded with effects for DJs

Download DJ Audio Editor
PDFtoMusic 1.3.1d English

PDFtoMusic 1.3.1d

Listen to your favourite sheet music from PDF files

Download PDFtoMusic
MegaMind Extractor English

MegaMind Extractor

Extract the audio from your music CDs

Download MegaMind Extractor
Free MP3 Editor 1.2.7 English

Free MP3 Editor 1.2.7

Edit and record audio on your PC

Download Free MP3 Editor
LabChirp 1.00 English

LabChirp 1.00

Tools to generate effects and sounds

Download LabChirp
MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer English

MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer

Analyze the dynamic range of your audio files

Download MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer
BPM Counter English

BPM Counter

Find out the BPM of any song

Download BPM Counter
SoundSaver 1.0.1 English

SoundSaver 1.0.1

Store your music collection on your computer

Download SoundSaver
All Sound Recorder Vista 1.30 English

All Sound Recorder Vista 1.30

Record your PC's audio signals

Download All Sound Recorder Vista
RapidComposer 1.81 English

RapidComposer 1.81

Simple and lightweight music composition system

Download RapidComposer
Renoise 3.1.0 English

Renoise 3.1.0

Create your music with this DAW based on trackers

Download Renoise
AudioQuick Editor 1.30 English

AudioQuick Editor 1.30

Quickly learn to edit your audio files

Download AudioQuick Editor
Wave Editor English

Wave Editor

Free audio editor that is simple and fast

Download Wave Editor
Power Sound Editor 8.5.4 English

Power Sound Editor 8.5.4

Free audio editor and burner with professional functions

Download Power Sound Editor
EarMaster Pro 5.636 English

EarMaster Pro 5.636

Train your hearing to notice the difference between any notes

Download EarMaster
Devuvuzelator 1.0 English

Devuvuzelator 1.0

Forget about the sound from the vuvuzelas

Download Devuvuzelator
Wavosaur English


Edit even the slightest details of your audio files

Download Wavosaur
GoldWave 5.67 English

GoldWave 5.67

Record, edit, play and convert all sorts of sound files

Download GoldWave
MultitrackStudio 7.6 Lite English

MultitrackStudio 7.6 Lite

Create your music and remix your favorite songs

Download MultitrackStudio
BPM Analyzer 1.0.1 English

BPM Analyzer 1.0.1

Quickly find out the tempo of any song

Download BPM Analyzer
Virtual Metronome 2.0 English

Virtual Metronome 2.0

The classic metronome now in virtual version

Download Virtual Metronome
PianoRollComposer 2.52 English

PianoRollComposer 2.52

Use a Piano Roll to create your songs

Download PianoRollComposer
Direct MP3 recorder 3.1 English

Direct MP3 recorder 3.1

Record any sound that your speakers play

Download Direct MP3 recorder
Ear & Memory Training 1.2 English

Ear & Memory Training 1.2

Practical tool to learn how to identify musical notes

Download Ear & Memory Training
AdmixDJ 2.30.14 English

AdmixDJ 2.30.14

Mix your music library files with ease

Download AdmixDJ
MP3Producer 2.61 English

MP3Producer 2.61

Rip your CDs or quickly convert audio files with this tool

Download MP3Producer
AVS Music Mix English

AVS Music Mix

Simple and compact audio mixer

Download AVS Music Mix
AoA Audio Extractor Basic 2.3.6 English

AoA Audio Extractor Basic 2.3.6

Extract audio from any video

Download AoA Audio Extractor
Music Liberator 10.5 English

Music Liberator 10.5

Copy the contents of your iPod to your PC very easily

Download Music Liberator
MP3Gain 1.2.5 English

MP3Gain 1.2.5

Easily modify the gain of your MP3 files

Download MP3Gain
Guitar Tuner English

Guitar Tuner

How to tune your guitar or any other string instrument

Download Guitar Tuner
Classical Pieces for today's guitarist 5.5 English

Classical Pieces for today's guitarist 5.5

Become a guitar virtuoso with this program

Download Classical Pieces for today's guitarist
HarddiskOgg 2.52 English

HarddiskOgg 2.52

Record all the audio played on your sound card

Download HarddiskOgg
DSS DJ 5.6 English

DSS DJ 5.6

Use professional DJing techniques with this versatile application

Download DSS
FreeRIP MP3 Basic 4.1.3 English

FreeRIP MP3 Basic 4.1.3

Save the songs of your CDs in WAV, MP3 or OGG Vorbis format

Download FreeRIP MP3
mp3DirectCut 2.22 English

mp3DirectCut 2.22

A simple and efficient MP3 file editor

Download mp3DirectCut
Stem Creator English

Stem Creator

The editor for audio files in Stem format

Download Stem Creator