Sound and Music Production Software for Windows (Page 5)

The best selection of audio and music production software for Windows with which you'll be able to mix songs, create sounds and edit audio files

Direct MP3 recorder 3.1 English

Direct MP3 recorder 3.1

Record any sound that your speakers play

Download Direct MP3 recorder
Accord CD Ripper Free 6.9.1 English

Accord CD Ripper Free 6.9.1

Rip and store your CDs on your PC

Download Accord CD Ripper
n-Track Studio 7.1.0 English

n-Track Studio 7.1.0

Complete stable music recording studio

Download n-Track Studio
Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter 1.3.12 English

Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter 1.3.12

Convert your CD collection to MP3 with this free application

Download Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter
Macaw 3.01 English

Macaw 3.01

A complete open source synthesizer, ideal for live music

Download Macaw
Disco XT 7.2 English

Disco XT 7.2

Complete program for DJs with support for iTunes

Download Disco XT
Mixxx 2.0.0 English

Mixxx 2.0.0

Create your own mixes with this free application

Download Mixxx
Free CD Ripper 2.0 English

Free CD Ripper 2.0

Extract audio CDs directly to your hard drive

Download Free CD Ripper
HarddiskOgg 2.52 English

HarddiskOgg 2.52

Record all the audio played on your sound card

Download HarddiskOgg
Arial Sound Recorder 2.5 English

Arial Sound Recorder 2.5

A simple tool to record audio

Download Arial Sound Recorder
Melody Assistant 7.6.2m English

Melody Assistant 7.6.2m

Compose music with a classic method with plenty of options

Download Melody Assistant
Sound Forge Pro 11.0.299 English

Sound Forge Pro 11.0.299

Professional audio production suite

Download Sound Forge
Rack Performer 1.1 English

Rack Performer 1.1

Perfect modular host for live performances

Download Rack Performer
Kangas Sound Editor 4.1.0 English

Kangas Sound Editor 4.1.0

Create your own music from scratch

Download Kangas Sound Editor
DJ Audio Editor 4.8 English

DJ Audio Editor 4.8

Audio editor loaded with effects for DJs

Download DJ Audio Editor
Free Guitar Tuner 2.0 English

Free Guitar Tuner 2.0

Tune your string instruments

Download Free Guitar Tuner
Dolce Music Flash Cards 5.0.1 English

Dolce Music Flash Cards 5.0.1

Revise solfa graphically

Download Dolce Music Flash Cards
BandzPro English


Play 5 virtual instruments with your keyboard

Download BandzPro
MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer English

MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer

Analyze the dynamic range of your audio files

Download MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer
Jalmus 2.3 English

Jalmus 2.3

Learn or improve your note and rhythm reading level

Download Jalmus
MagicScore 8 Maestro English

MagicScore 8 Maestro

Powerful music notation software application

Download MagicScore
WaveMax Audio Editor 4.5.1 English

WaveMax Audio Editor 4.5.1

Complete and appealing audio editor

Download WaveMax Audio Editor
Dj ProMixer 2.0 Free English

Dj ProMixer 2.0 Free

Play and mix your music with this deejaying software

Download Dj ProMixer
REAKTOR 5.1.5 English


Design musical instruments and complex sound textures

Download REAKTOR
RapidComposer 1.81 English

RapidComposer 1.81

Simple and lightweight music composition system

Download RapidComposer
Power Sound Editor 8.5.4 English

Power Sound Editor 8.5.4

Free audio editor and burner with professional functions

Download Power Sound Editor
EarMaster Pro 5.636 English

EarMaster Pro 5.636

Train your hearing to notice the difference between any notes

Download EarMaster
Devuvuzelator 1.0 English

Devuvuzelator 1.0

Forget about the sound from the vuvuzelas

Download Devuvuzelator
DVD Audio Extractor 7.3.0 English

DVD Audio Extractor 7.3.0

Extract audio from any audio or video DVD

Download DVD Audio Extractor
Jam Trax Xpress 2.0 English

Jam Trax Xpress 2.0

A sequencer specially focused towards beginners

Download Jam Trax
DJS 1.601 English

DJS 1.601

The program made by the best DJ equipment manufacturer

Download DJS
LenMus 5.3.1 English

LenMus 5.3.1

Complete application to learn music

Download LenMus
Super MP3 Recorder Pro 6.2 English

Super MP3 Recorder Pro 6.2

Record and convert any sound to MP3

Download Super MP3 Recorder
LIVE 3D English


Pan the sound of any signal in 3 dimensions

Download LIVE 3D
Kat MP3 Recorder 3.3.0 English

Kat MP3 Recorder 3.3.0

Practical application to be able to record audio from any source

Download Kat MP3 Recorder
Music Morpher Gold 5.0.58 English

Music Morpher Gold 5.0.58

Modify your songs and apply several effects

Download Music Morpher
Split MP3 1.0 English

Split MP3 1.0

Extract audio segments from MP3 files

Download Split MP3
Audio Converter and Ripper 4.1.2 English

Audio Converter and Ripper 4.1.2

Convert audio files without major complications

Download Audio Converter and Ripper
Convert MP4 to MP3 1.1 English

Convert MP4 to MP3 1.1

Extract audio from videos in MP3 format

Download Convert MP4 to MP3
CuteDJ 4.3.5 English

CuteDJ 4.3.5

Audio, video and karaoke mixer that's ideal for beginners

Download CuteDJ