Backup Software for Windows

Carry out a backup to avoid losing any important file or piece of information stored on your computer thanks to this backup software for Windows

Helium Desktop English

Helium Desktop

Backup solution for the contents of your Android device

Download Helium Desktop
Norton Ghost 15.0 English

Norton Ghost 15.0

One of the best alternatives to create backups

Download Norton Ghost
Carbon Desktop English

Carbon Desktop

Ease the creation of backups for Android users

Download Carbon Desktop
PickMeApp Beta English

PickMeApp Beta

Create backups of your applications

Download PickMeApp
Nero BackItUp 2014 English

Nero BackItUp 2014

The easiest way to create backups

Download Nero BackItUp
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 4.01 build 3541 English

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 4.01 build 3541

Get hold of the password of your backups

Download Elcomsoft Phone Breaker
Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup 1.2.7 English

Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup 1.2.7

Manage all your iPhone contacts from your PC

Download Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup
CA Backup and Migration English

CA Backup and Migration

Share your files and settings between several computers

Download CA Backup and Migration
Comodo Time Machine 2.8.155286.178 English

Comodo Time Machine 2.8.155286.178

Practical system recovery program

Download Comodo Time Machine
Social Downloader English

Social Downloader

Create a backup of your data on the social networks

Download Social Downloader
Norton Save and Restore 2.0 English

Norton Save and Restore 2.0

Carry out backups of the files of your choice

Download Norton Save and Restore
USB Image Tool 1.65 English

USB Image Tool 1.65

Easily carry out backups of your USB devices

Download USB Image Tool
Shadow Copy Cloner 1.1.5 English

Shadow Copy Cloner 1.1.5

Make backup copies including Windows files

Download Shadow Copy Cloner
Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional English

Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional

Make backups of your hard drives in the quickest and safest manner

Download Paragon Drive Copy
Paragon Drive Backup 10.0 Server English

Paragon Drive Backup 10.0 Server

Application that will help you to create your own backups

Download Paragon Drive Backup
Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager 1.0.0 English

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager 1.0.0

Make backups of your USB device

Download Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager
Clonezilla 2.5.0 English

Clonezilla 2.5.0

Clone hard drives and partitions

Download Clonezilla
Backup4all Pro 6.0.120 English

Backup4all Pro 6.0.120

Recover you data whenever you want

Download Backup4all
PowerBackup 2.50.1305 English

PowerBackup 2.50.1305

Create a backup of your files and folders

Download PowerBackup
MozBackup 1.5.1 English

MozBackup 1.5.1

Create backups of your Mozilla programs

Download MozBackup
FullSync 0.10.2 English

FullSync 0.10.2

Generate and synchronize automatic backups

Download FullSync
SyncBack Pro English

SyncBack Pro

Keep all your important data as safe as possible

Download SyncBack
BackRex Expert Backup 2.8 English

BackRex Expert Backup 2.8

Create back up copies in just four steps

Download BackRex Expert Backup
BackRex Internet Explorer Backup 2.8 English

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup 2.8

Back up all your Internet Explorer data

Download BackRex Internet Explorer Backup
BackUp Maker 6.507 English

BackUp Maker 6.507

Create backups of your files

Download BackUp Maker
DriveImage XML 2.50 English

DriveImage XML 2.50

Keep your data always safe

Download DriveImage XML
Second Copy English

Second Copy

Automatic backups

Download Second Copy
MailStore 8.2.1 English

MailStore 8.2.1

Create backups of your email

Download MailStore
Firekup English


Backup the data of your Firefox accounts

Download Firekup
KeepSafe 2.01 English

KeepSafe 2.01

Keep your important files safe

Download KeepSafe
NeverLost 1.1.6 English

NeverLost 1.1.6

Save and prevent the loss of data of any of your storage units

Download NeverLost
Avira Secure Backup English

Avira Secure Backup

Store your files on the cloud

Download Avira Secure Backup
AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0.5 English

AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0.5

Simple and efficient tool for your backups

Download AOMEI Backupper
Cobian Backup English

Cobian Backup

Program automatic backups of your system

Download Cobian Backup
Driver Magician 4.81 English

Driver Magician 4.81

Keep all your drivers in a safe place

Download Driver Magician
Magic Transfer 2.3 English

Magic Transfer 2.3

Synchronize the configuration and information on several computers

Download Magic Transfer
MSN BackUp 1.3.4 English

MSN BackUp 1.3.4

Create a backup off the MSN Messenger elements

Download MSN BackUp
JaBack 10.16 English

JaBack 10.16

Automate the creation of backups

Download JaBack
Bart 3.00 English

Bart 3.00

Create backup copies of the folders of your choice

Download Bart
O&O DiskImage Professional 7.0.98 English

O&O DiskImage Professional 7.0.98

Practical tool to create backups

Download O&O DiskImage