Business Management Software for Windows

The applications of this category of business management software for Windows will allow you to manage any business or SME from your computer

Openbravo ERP 3.0 English

Openbravo ERP 3.0

Comprehensive business management

Download Openbravo
Skynet 9.5.2 English

Skynet 9.5.2

Manage every single aspect of your company with this app

Download Skynet
Car Wash Calendar 2.8 English

Car Wash Calendar 2.8

Manage your own car wash busines

Download Car Wash Calendar
vtiger CRM 5.4.0 English

vtiger CRM 5.4.0

Versatile management tool for SMEs

Download vtiger CRM
ICafe Client 2005 English

ICafe Client 2005

Client application to manages cybercafes and libraries

Download ICafe Client
MSD Documents Multiuser 3.00 English

MSD Documents Multiuser 3.00

Excellent application for document management with multi-user support

Download MSD Documents Multiuser
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 English

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013

Efficient management of the relations between your company and customers

Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Office Accounting Express 2009 English

Office Accounting Express 2009

Useful application to manage the accounts of a company

Download Office Accounting Express
ZGestión 2011 Vol 2 English

ZGestión 2011 Vol 2

Management and billing software for any company

Download ZGestión
LiberOne 1.6.527 English

LiberOne 1.6.527

Complete library management software

Download LiberOne
MemSoft INSTRUCTOR 4.24j English

MemSoft INSTRUCTOR 4.24j

Powerful development for business management

Download MemSoft INSTRUCTOR
SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.20 English

SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.20

Manage the relationship of your business with your customers

Download SugarCRM
ComChart EMR 9.4g3 English

ComChart EMR 9.4g3

Control everything that has to do with your clinic

Download ComChart
My Meetings English

My Meetings

Platform to manage and coordinate meetings

Download My Meetings
Zetafax Duo 2011 English

Zetafax Duo 2011

Advanced Fax Server/Client for computers connected to the Internet

Download Zetafax
InmoComputer Plus English

InmoComputer Plus

Keep track of all the necessary information for a Real Estate Agency with this program

Download InmoComputer
MSD Collections Multiuser 3.00 English

MSD Collections Multiuser 3.00

Catalog and manage any collection with several users

Download MSD Collections Multiuser
Carpower 4.1.1 R28 English

Carpower 4.1.1 R28

The ideal tool to manage a car garage

Download Carpower
Open Cities 3.1 Community English

Open Cities 3.1 Community

Software for the local electronic administration

Download Open Cities
SeniorFactu 2017 2.2.47 English

SeniorFactu 2017 2.2.47

Manage all your company's invoices

Download SeniorFactu
Facil HelpDesk 2.9 B Lite  English

Facil HelpDesk 2.9 B Lite

System to offer support to the clients of any company

Download Facil HelpDesk
Easy Time Tracking Pro 6.0.7 English

Easy Time Tracking Pro 6.0.7

Control what you spend your time on

Download Easy Time Tracking
ContaNet Oro 5.0.0 English

ContaNet Oro 5.0.0

Tools for the commercial management of any company

Download ContaNet
LiveZilla English


Technical assistance service manager

Download LiveZilla
Enterprise Capacity Solution 1.8.10 English

Enterprise Capacity Solution 1.8.10

Document management system for companies

Download Enterprise Capacity Solution