Communication Software for Windows

In the category of communication software for Windows you've got all the tools you need to talk, exchange messages and send emails to your contacts

WhatsApp Messenger 0.2.8691 English

The official version of WhatsApp for Windows

Microsoft Outlook 2016 16.0.9226.2114 English
Microsoft Outlook 2016 16.0.9226.2114

Microsoft's email client

Skype English

Text messages, calls and video calls to and from phones and PCs

Facebook Messenger English

Chat with your contacts from your desktop

Instagram English

Official Windows client of the popular social network

Facebook English

The desktop client for the most popular social network

WeChat 2.6.2 English
WeChat 2.6.2

The Windows version of the popular Chinese messaging app

Twitter English

Official client of this social network

LINE English

Instant messaging from your PC

imo 1.2.5 English
imo 1.2.5

Talk to your friends from your PC

Viber English

Windows client of the chat and video call app

Telegram Messenger 1.2.6 English

Telegram's desktop client for Windows

Turbo Mailer 2.7.10 English
Turbo Mailer 2.7.10

Send mass emails

Wassapp 1.1.1 English
Wassapp 1.1.1

WhatsApp client for Windows

InstaPic English

The first Instagram client for Windows

Gramblr 2.9.39 English
Gramblr 2.9.39

Upload pics to Instagram from your PC

Facebook Desktop 1.0b English

Find out instantly about any update on your Facebook

Multi Messenger English
Multi Messenger

Messenger: open more than one account at a time

Skype Web Plugin 2.9 English

Integrate HD video calls into your Outlook account

Nokia E-mail Configuration Tool 1.013 English
Nokia E-mail Configuration Tool 1.013

Send your email configuration by SMS to your Nokia phone

Messenger 2012 English
Messenger 2012

Instant messaging application for Windows 7

Instagrille English

Access Instagram from your PC

PaltalkScene 9.9 English

Communicate with all your contacts with this practical instant messaging client

Skype Launcher 1.6.5 English

Use several Skype accounts at the same time

Mail Bomber 11.3 English

One of the best massive email delivery programs

Palringo 2.8.0 English
Palringo 2.8.0

The alternative to TalkBox on Windows

Free Email Extractor English

Easily gather email addresses

Facebook Viewer 16.0.0 English

Access Facebook from your desktop

Messenger for Desktop 2.0.9 English

Facebook Messenger on your Windows desktop

Google Talk English
Google Talk

Speak to all your Google contacts

WhatsWrapp English

Unofficial WhatsApp application for PC

Pirch 98 English
Pirch 98

One of the most popular IRC clients of its time

IMVU 530.0 English
IMVU 530.0

Instant messaging and chats in 3D environments

Zello English

Send voice messages from your PC for free

Anonymail Pro 10 English
Anonymail Pro 10

Send emails automatically and anonymously

Face Software 4.2.0 English

Desktop client for Facebook

MaxBulk Mailer 8.3.2 English

A quick way of sending emails to many people

TouchMail English

A very visual application to organize your mail

JW Inbox v1.94 English
JW Inbox v1.94

The quickest way of knowing if you have new webmail

VoxOx 2.9.2 Beta English
VoxOx 2.9.2 Beta

Promising messaging program with many more options